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Welcome to stason.org

Articles about well being, health, passive income generation, saving money, investing, SPAM and phishing prevention, travel, relationships and perl
This section provides information on my open source software and documentation development.
-Books I've authored
Information about the books I've written (some available for free)
This section includes downloadable material from the presentations and tutorials I've given over the years.
Enjoy Stas Bekman's photographic works
-Various interesting bits and pieces
A collection of interesting info, discussions, ideas and links.
-The Ultimate Learn And Resource Center
Resources on Personal Computers, WebMasters, Operating Systems and Security, Recreation, Health, Food, Music, Sports, Pets, Travel, Vehicles, Crafts, Games, etc. Started back in 1999, it's now linked to from thousands of websites worldwide.

For your convenience here are direct links to some pages on this site:

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