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The Prisoner FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about The Prisoner.

This FAQ about The Prisoner was compiled and written by Patrick LoPresti patl@lcs.mit.edu with numerous contributions by others.


Keith G. Barrett ponds!aminet!barrett@concert.net wrote the original FAQ, and much of the material here is his work.

The following people have made significant contributions to this document:

Christopher Cook chrisc@dircon.co.uk
Flemming Larsen flarsen@uclink.berkeley.edu
Angus Marshall mcramm@dct.ac.uk
mathew mathew@mantis.co.uk

Other contributors include:

James Amundson amundson@yukawa.uchicago.edu
Keith A Baird adkab@utxdp.dp.utexas.edu
Cindy Bell ST911598@pip.cc.brandeis.edu
Chris Bergstresser cbergstr@magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu
Jean-Marc F. Blanchard blanchar@mail.sas.upenn.edu
Jesse Carliner jesse@emptor.sbi.com
Gio Ciampa gio@wcl.bham.ac.uk
S.D. Cox Skip.Cox@bristol.ac.uk
didier 70202.57@compuserve.com
Peter Dunn puapjd@admin.warwick.ac.uk
Geoff G. gig@homer.dsto.gov.au
Glenn Fleishman fleglei@hebron.connected.com
Rob Jenson rob@magic.dml.georgetown.edu
Michael Johnston ambrose@mercury.interpath.net
Mark Heiman mheiman@carleton.edu
Alasdair Howat Alasdair@howat.demon.co.uk
Yoav Gershon ygershon@ucdavis.edu
Gilles Goullet Gilles.Goullet@iacorp.fr
Steve Gutteridge steve@bramber.demon.co.uk
Mark F. Heiman mheiman@carleton.edu
Oliver King king@math.berkeley.edu
Mike Khaw khaw@parcplace.com
F.W. Laughton F.W.Laughton@newcastle.ac.uk
Malcolm Lee mlee@micrognosis.co.uk
Peter J.M. Lucas pjml@swmis.nsw.ac.uk
David Moisan moisan@bronze.lcs.mit.edu
Granville Moore gvm@nemesys.com
John 'Cheshire' Parker parker@cs.curtin.edu.au
J.J. Pierson macleod@ritz.mordor.com
Kjell Post kjell@cse.ucsc.edu
Nick Rayne nickr@hpwin062.uksr.hp.com
Liam Relihan relihanl@ul.ie
Scott Rogers srogers@sdf.lonestar.org
Rosemary6 rosemary6@aol.com
Stephen Rushe u9348913@qub.ac.uk
Mike Shawaluk Mike.Shawaluk@meipws.mis.mei.com
Bill Shorter bill@aloft.att.com
Ed Wakabayashi zorg@alois.icon.palo-alto.med.va.gov
Juergen Weinelt rzuw039@sun.rz.uni-wuerzburg.de
PierceT WetterIII PierceT_WetterIII@qmgate.radius.com
Curt Wiederhoeft curtw@euler.jsc.nasa.gov
Trevor Wright yc23@gec-mrc.co.uk

-1: What is "The Prisoner"?
The Prisoner is a television series created by Patrick McGoohan,...
-2: Where can I find "The Prisoner"?
In the U.S., the show is variously aired on the Sci-Fi channel ...
-3: What are "Danger Man" and "Secret Agent"? (The Prisoner)
Danger Man was the name a series about the secret agent ...
-4: In what order should I watch the episodes? (The Prisoner)
That is a very good question....
-5: Are there any fan clubs devoted to "The Prisoner"?
The largest and best known is called Six of One, The ...
-6a: Where is the Village? (The Prisoner)
In real life, it is a seashore resort called the ...
-6b: How do I get there? (The Village - The Prisoner)
Resign and wait. Alternatively, travel by rail (recommended) ...
-7: What kind of car is KAR120C? (The Prisoner)
The car used in the show was a Lotus Seven series II, which ...
-8: What "Prisoner" material can I find on-line?
The newsgroup is devoted to discussion ...
-9: Books (What "Prisoner" material can I find in the real world?)
-9: Videos (What "Prisoner" material can I find in the real world?)
The 17 episodes are available on video tape and laser disk; ...
-9: Miscellany (What "Prisoner" material can I find in the real world?)
The Mini-Moke toy (the Taxi seen in the series) was ...
-10: What is that font? (The Prisoner)
The font used in The Prisoner is a modified version ...
-11: What shows/music/movies refer to "The Prisoner"?
The creator and writers of the television series Babylon 5 ...
-12: In what shows and movies has Patrick McGoohan appeared? (The Prisoner)
(Random trivia: McGoohan was offered the original role of ...
-13: Do we ever find out... (The Prisoner)
...the name of the big white ball?...

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