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Articles about well being, health, passive income generation, saving money, investing, SPAM and phishing prevention, travel, relationships and perl

-Articles on Well Being and Healing
A collection of articles about well being, energy healing, health and happiness
-Reiki Articles
A collection of articles about Reiki Healing and its Practitioners
-Universal Energy Articles
A collection of articles about work with Universal Energy
Articles on topics around life balance, self-growth, self-discipline and ways to a better life
-Passive Income, Finance and Entrepreneurship
Articles on personal finance, entrepreneurship and passive income generation strategies
-Are You Saving Enough Money?
If you want to invest to secure your and your family's future, or if you are just having a hard time with meeting your ends, you need to figure out how save some of your income. This series of articles will give advice on how to tackle this problem.
-Understanding Taxes
Articles helping you understand various taxation issues
-Make More Money from Ads with Fewer Visitors and Less Content
To make more money from ads you don't need more visitors and content, you need the existing visitors to click more on your ads and have clicks pay more. The following articles explain how.
-Anti-SPAM, Anti-Phishing and Anti-Viruses Techniques
The material found on the following pages discusses the major undesired email problems and solutions to them. It also provides links to more extensive information and commercial and open source vendors providing software and hardware solutions.
-Hardware articles
Notes on hardware configuration issues
-Articles about Sexuality and Relationships
Articles discussing sexual health and relationships between partners
-Travel and Expedition Articles
Detailed reports and photographs from my expeditions around the world
-Perl and mod_perl Articles
Articles about Perl Programming Language and its applications. In particular mod_perl articles.
Where Justice is needed in life
-Jobs and Careers
Jobs and career related articles

See also books authored by me.

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