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Passive Income, Finance and Entrepreneurship

Articles on personal finance, entrepreneurship and passive income generation strategies

Part I: Passive Income Generation

-5 Questions to Answer before You Begin Blogging
Most people dive right in and setup a blog without giving it much for-thought, but actually some pre-planning can save a lot of headaches, increase your earning potential and get you up and running much faster.
-AdSense Alternatives
In case you are looking for AdSense alternative programs, this article provides that information in a tabular format
-12 Things NOT to Do to Improve Your Site's Google Page Rank
this article covers 12 techniques that must NOT be used if you want your site's Google page rank to be high (and not to get banned)
-12 Things to Do to Improve Your Site's Google Page Rank
this article covers 12 techniques that will help raise your page rank and move your site to the top of the search hits
-How to Improve Site's Ranking with Google Sitemaps
Help Google bring more visitors to your site with Google Sitemaps
-"How to Bring Google AdSense Down" Or "You are Guilty but We will not Tell You Why" and "How to Resurrect Your Google AdSense Account".
This story is about a first-hand encounter with Google AdSense injustice. It explains why at the moment is might be unwise to try to rely on Google AdSense for your source of income. In short my account was disabled. I had to appeal twice in order to reinstate it. I was never told why the account was disabled. Hopefully this story will help you to regain the access to your account, should it get disabled.
-Highest Paying Google AdSense Keywords Hoax
Is it possible to find out what google adwords pay the most? I've decided to research the topic and my findings so far show that many sites claiming that they know the most paid keywords are a hoax. Read on for details.
-Chitika: the Next Big Player in the Online Ads Market?
My impressions (mostly very positive) about Chitika's ad-based revenue generation program from the publisher and visitor points of view.
-New Micropayment System: Do To Others What You Want Them To Do To You
A new micropayment system idea which promises to make content publishers, ad publishers and readers all happy at the same time.

Part II: Personal Finance and Investing

-A Road to a Better Personal Finance
A compilation of personal finance advice and suggested books
-Employment and Stock Options Plan Explained
This article tells you almost everything you ever wanted to know about Employment and Stock Options Plan
-Canadian Immigrant Investor Program
Canada offers a very interesting immigration program for investors with a big capital. If you are interested in immigration to Canada, this is perhaps one of the easier ways to achieve that goal, while making profits.

Part III: Social Networking

-Networking Explained
Each time I begin my seminars I ask the participants two questions: What is your name? and Why did you decide to come to this seminar?

Part IV: Money Returns and Incentives for Companies

-What You Don't Know About SR&ED Can End Up Costing You Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars
Many business people have not heard of SR&ED before, and those that have heard about the program don't believe that they will qualify. In actuality, many businesses can and do qualify for government tax incentives that can total up several hundreds thousands of dollars! Your competitors are likely taking advantage of the tax incentives from this program to reinvest in new product lines, more staff, and improved facilities. Thus, what you don't know about the SR&ED program can end up costing you.
-Canadian Goverment Pays You Money via the SR&ED Incentive Program
The Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) is the largest government incentive available to Canadian technology companies. And it pays to learn how to get government to pay you money with it

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