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Windows NT Security FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Windows NT Security.

This FAQ about Windows NT Security was compiled and written by Christopher Klaus cklaus@iss.net with numerous contributions by others.


This paper is Copyright (c) 1994, 1995, 1996
by Christopher Klaus of Internet Security Systems, Inc.

Permission is hereby granted to give away free copies electronically. You may distribute, transfer, or spread this paper electronically. You may not pretend that you wrote it. This copyright notice must be maintained in any copy made. If you wish to reprint the whole or any part of this paper in any other medium excluding electronic medium, please ask the author for permission.

-01 Access control lists (Windows NT Security)
To really lock NT down hard, set the root directory to full access ...
-02 Network Access (Windows NT Security)
Give careful attention to who is allowed to log on from the network ...
-03 PPTP (Windows NT Security)
Point to Point Tunneling ...
-04 Registry (Windows NT Security)
In the registry, Remove write permission to Everyone from HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT,...
-05 File Shares (Windows NT Security)
Go through all the shares that are available and make sure that ...
-06 MicroSoft IIS Web Server (Windows NT Security)
Versions prior to 1.0c were vulnerable to allowing users to execute ...
-07 FTP Server (Windows NT Security)
Many times FTP is configured to allow anyone to log in and have access ...
-08 NFS Server (Windows NT Security)
Network File System can easily be configured to allow anyone to have ...
-09 RLogin Server (Windows NT Security)
There is an rlogin server that comes with NT. Rlogin is a service ...

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