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Dragonlance Movie FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Dragonlance Movie.

This FAQ about Dragonlance Movie was compiled and written by Benjamin Craig benc@toaster.globalnet.NoSpam!.co.uk with numerous contributions by others.


Ā© Copyright 1995-98 Benjamin Craig. All Rights Reserved.

Permission is granted for reproduction, distribution, transmission, or storage (see exception below) of this FAQ for non-commercial purposes only and on the condition that the contents are not modified in any way.


Whilst every effort has been made to maintain the accuracy of information provided in this FAQ, the author cannot accept any moral or legal liability for inaccurate or outdated information contained within. Furthermore, certain information presented in this FAQ is based on the opinions and experiences of the author only, and cannot be taken to be legally binding.

"Dragonlance," "Advanced Dungeons & Dragons" and "AD&D" are registered trademarks owned by TSR Inc. This document is not affiliated with, nor authorised by TSR in anyway, and is presented as a free informational resource for DL fans. Trademarks referred to in this document are used without permission. Reference to these trademarks is for informational purposes only and should in no way be considered a challenge to their ownership.

Distribution Exception - In response to their support of the former TSR's draconian Internet policy, this FAQ may not be uploaded or stored on the Multi-Player Games Network (mpgn.com) in any form whatsoever.

-01 Introduction (alt.fan.dragonlance)
This document has grown from a large number of questions that ...
-02 Where can i get the latest copy of this faq? (alt.fan.dragonlance)
The most latest version of this FAQ is always available at ...
-03 Contact Details (Contacting the Author) (alt.fan.dragonlance)
It is a real shame that I am forced to go to these lengths, ...
-04 Gimme the current buzz regarding a DragonlanceĀ® movie?
There is none....
-05 What other news/rumours have been floating around? (Dragonlance Movie)
Lots. Welcome to the wonderful time in the genesis of a movie ...
-06 But I heard that a D&D movie was definitely happening?
Yes, indeed there is. In late 1995 TSR sold the screen ...
-07 I heard something about Jim Henson/Muppet DL? (Dragonlance Movie)
On 25 October 1996 Margaret Weis dropped in this lovely post ...
-08 Wasn't There An Animated Movie Coming Out? (Dragonlance Movie)
Yes there was (note the past tense). Canadian animation ...
-09 I Heard That ... Was Going To Play ... Character? (Dragonlance Movie)
Obviously because there aren't any concrete plans for a ...
-10 Who should play [insert character]? (Dragonlance Movie)
An ongoing raging debate has existed on alt.fan.dragonlance for ...
-11 The Official DragonlanceĀ® Dream Cast Poll.
Before we get into this I'd like to make the fact perfectly ...
-12 Other Dragonlance Movie Related Sites
The Official TSR Product FAQ -...

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