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The Monster Truck FAQ

This FAQ attempts to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about the sport of Monster Truck Racing, The Vehicles, and pointers for more info.

The Monster Truck FAQ was compiled and written by Jeff Hawkins with numerous contributions by others.

The author makes no claims as to fitness for any purpose or absence of any errors, and offers no warranty. Read at your own risk.

jhawkin@visuallink.com (Jeff Hawkins)

Copyright: (C) 1997, 1998, 1999 J. A. Hawkins

-01 What is a Monster Truck?
-02 What is the MTRA?
-03 Isn't there a second class of trucks now?
-04 Why would someone build a Monster Truck?
-05 How many Monster Trucks are there?
-06 How big are those tires?
-07 Where does BIGFOOT get their tires?
-08 About those tires, I noticed some have the treads cut! How do they cut those treads?
-09 How big are those engines?
-10 How fast can a Monster Truck go?
-11 How heavy are most Monster Trucks?
-12 Who makes these fancy shocks?
-13 Who makes those four link frames?
-14 How do they move a Monster Truck from one place to another?
-15 How do they get a Monster Truck into the semi-trailer?
-17 How does the driver steer the rear wheels? Are they hooked to the steering wheel also?
-18 What kind of fuel do they run in a Monster Truck? Do they run Nitrous Oxide, too?
-19 How can I get a ride in a Monster Truck?
-20 Have you ever rode in a Monster Truck??
-21 Have you ever driven a Monster Truck?
-22 How can I get a Pit Pass??
-23 What is the killer box?
-24 What are the lights in the Windshield for?
-25 I saw the starter's lights on TV. Where can I get info on building a set of those for our club?
-26 Where can I rent a set of `Stop Motion Video Cameras' and Recorder system?
-27 What do they do at the drivers meetings?
-28 I know the drivers wear seat belts, helmets and special suits. Can you elaborate a little on what they have in the truck?
-29 How much does a Monster Truck cost?
-30 How long does it take to build a Monster truck?
-31 When will BIGFOOT be appearing in my town?
-32 How can I get the autograph of my favorite BIGFOOT driver?
-33 How can I get a Tee-Shirt of my favorite truck(s)?
-34 Where can I find a large group of pictures and Info in one place on the Internet?
-35 I want some Monster Truck Windows Wall Paper. What can you tell me?
-36 Screen Savers??
-37 Isn't there a computer game? Know any Urls?
-38 I'm really into Monster Truck Madness II but I want some other trucks?
-39 Just one more game. Please?
-40 How do I become a BIGFOOT Driver?
-41 I need to find out exactly how to get to a show! How can I get a Map or directions?
-42 Is there a mailing list?
-43 I want to know when there is a change to my favorite Web Pages!
-44 How do I `grep' a usenet group?
-45 How can I find a drivers E-mail address?
-46 I really need to ask a question of some driver! How can I!
-47 Is their someplace I can chat or E-mail to other people interested in Monster Trucks?
-48 How can our drivers publish a E-mail address, without clogging their personal Internet accounts?
-49 How can our drivers get Internet E-mail while on the road?
-50 I've got a REAL heavy foot!
-51 Reading (and other media) List
-52 Books
-53 Promoters list
-54 Suppliers list
-55 The Trucks
-56 The Trucks: East Coast Area
-57 The Trucks: Southern Area
-58 The Trucks: Mid West Region
-59 The Trucks: West Coast Region
-60 The Trucks: Western Canada
-61 Ride Trucks
-62 Unknown or unsorted Yet
-63 Major Web Sites
-64 The Event Calendar List
-65 Previous Changes

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