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Toyota RAV4 FAQ

The Toyota RAV4 mini sport-utility vehicle FAQs and Information

This Toyota RAV4 FAQ was compiled and written by Ralph Becker with numerous contributions by others.

-0.0) Disclaimer
-1.1) What's So Great About the RAV4?
-1.2.1) World Wide Web
-1.2.2) RAV4 Mailing Lists
-1.2.3) Usenet Newsgroups
-1.3) Phone Numbers
-1.4) Toyota-Supplied Information
-1.5) What does "RAV4" stand for?
-2.1) Pricing
-2.2.1) How do I find a dealer in my area?
-2.2.2) What about a buying service?
-2.3.1) Any good general sources of information for new owners?
-2.3.2) What does the VIN mean?
-2.3.3) Is the RAV4 safe?
-2.3.4) Can I order a RAV4 with only the options I want?
-2.3.5) Where do I get one of those cute little paper RAV4 models?
-2.3.6) What's new about the 2001 models?
-2.4) How does the RAV4 compare to the competition?
-3.1.10) Is brake noise normal?
-3.1.11) What size are the tires?
-3.1.12) At what pressure should I keep the tires?
-3.1.13) What should I buy to replace my worn tires?
-3.1.14) Why doesn't my factory jack lift the vehicle off the ground?
-3.1.15) What are the ECT and OD buttons on my automatic transmission for?
-3.1.16) Why does the A/C come on when I use the defroster?
-3.1.1) How do I "break in" my new RAV4?
-3.1.2) When should I change the oil the first time, and what kind should I use?
-3.1.3) How does the Four Wheel Drive (4WD) system work?
-3.1.4) What should I expect when Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS) engage?
-3.1.5) How can I keep from getting a shock when I exit my RAV4?
-3.1.6) What should the fuel economy (Miles per Gallon) be?
-3.1.7) What kind of fuel should I use?
-3.1.8) How much gas can I put in my RAV?
-3.1.9) Is my Fuel Gauge Inaccurate?
-3.2.10) Why won't my dual sunroof RAV4 2DR rear sunroof stay open?
-3.2.11) Can I disable the passenger's side airbag?
-3.2.12) Can I add a remote to my RS3000 security system?
-3.2.13) What should I use to wash & wax my RAV4?
-3.2.14) How can I touch up scratches/chips on my RAV4?
-3.2.15) How do I get Wax off the Cladding?
-3.2.1) What kind of parts can I get to modify my RAV4?
-3.2.2) What is a K&N filter and what will it do for my RAV4?
-3.2.3) Should I use an oil additive, like Slick 50?
-3.2.4) Why is my gas pedal sticking?
-3.2.5) How do I change my front brake pads?
-3.2.6) How can I improve the stereo in my RAV4?
-3.2.7) What size speakers does the RAV4 take?
-3.2.8) Can I remove the rear seats to make more room?
-3.2.9) How can I carry bikes with my RAV4?
-4.0) Copyright Notice and Distribution Permission

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