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Boats FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Boats

This FAQ about Boats was compiled and written by John F. Hughes with numerous contributions by others.

-1.0 Pre-introduction
-2.0 Introduction
-3.1 Addresses of class associations for sailboats
-3.2 How can I get into sailboat racing as a crew member?
-3.3 Is the MacGregor 26 a good boat?
-3.3.1 Does water ballast work?
-3.3.2 Summary
-3.4 What's a good first sailboat?
-3.5 How do those rating systems and all that stuff work?
-3.6 Who/What is US Sailing, how do I join, should I join?
-3.7 Where can I find out about collegiate sailing?
-3.8 What about keels?
-3.9 Sailing simulators?
-3.10 Chartering and learn-to-sail schools
-3.11 Formula for hull speed based on length, and its limitations
-3.12 Sailing in other countries
-3.13 Sailing in Chicago
-4.2 Are Doel Fins a good thing?
-4.3 What is a Hole Shot? Will a Stainless prop add to my high end speed?
-4.4 Is VRO a good idea?
-4.5 What's a good first powerboat?
-4.6 Can I put unleaded gas in an old outboard?
-4.7 Are there any powerboat class associations?
-5.1 Addresses and numbers for suppliers
-5.1.1 NMEA Specification for inter-electronic communication
-5.1.2 Anchor Chain And Rode, Other Hardware
-5.1.3 Navigation and Simulation Software and Equipment
-5.2 Safe boating courses and organizations
-5.3 Should I get GPS or Loran?
-5.3.1 How GPS Works: An Introduction
-5.4 What other newsgroups discuss boating stuff ?
-5.5 What's the 800 number for the User Fee Sticker?
-5.6 What's it cost to own a boat?
-5.7 Who can tell me about boat X?
-5.8 What are the laws about boats...?
-5.9 What's a formula for top speed?
-5.10 Accurate time source for navigation
-5.11 Winter storage for batteries, and their state of charge
-5.12 Online information
-5.13 Should we split rec.boats?
-5.14 What sextant should I buy to learn with?
-5.15 Boat pictures, and ftp sites for boat info
-5.16 Propellor selection
-5.17 Binocular selection
-5.18 Blue book value of boats
-5.19 Interfacing NMEA0183 to your computer
-6.1 Magazines
-6.2 Nonfiction about sailing trips
-6.3 Sailboat Racing
-6.4 Maintenance
-6.5 Fiction
-6.6 Design, seaworthiness, arts of the sailor,
-6.7 Films and Videos
-6.8 Misc
-7.0 List of Contributors

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