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Crosswords FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Crosswords.

This FAQ about Crosswords was compiled and written by James A. Lundon (jlundon@xstacy.enet.dec.com) with numerous contributions by others.

Many thanks goes to the following who helped either wittingly, or
unwittingly, in the compilation of this FAQ.

Ian Gent (ipg@aisb.edinburgh.ac.uk)
Ross Beresford (ross@bryson.demon.co.uk)
John Hutchinson (hutch@ilmen.lanl.gov)
Guy Jacobson (guy@ulysses.att.com)
Toby Howard (toby@computer-science.manchester.ac.uk)
Danial A. Asimov (asimov@nas.nasa.gov)
Marc Branchaud (marcnarc@binkley.cs.mcgill.ca)
Chris Long (clong@remus.rutgers.edu)
Bob Gregory :-) (bobg@cullen.demon.co.uk)
Gordon Lessells (lessellsg@ul.ie)
Kijin Jung (kxj6@po.cwru.edu)
Eric J. Anderson (eja@cs.duke.edu)
Judith Underwood (under@cs.cornell.edu)
Doug Butler (bidlb@gamgee.cc.flinders.edu.au)
Roy Treadle (Roy.Thearle@uknet.ac.uk)
Roger Philips (roger@quantime.co.uk)
David M. Tuller (tulled@rpi.edu)
Michael Phelps (aspengld@cscns.com)
Scott Stansbury (scott@nmc.cit.cornell.edu)
John P. Dalbec (dalbec@cs.cornell.edu)
Jonathan Kamens (jik@gza.com)
hcsarruK reteP (kurrasch@ecn.purdue.edu)
Andy Spooner (spooner@informatics.wustl.edu)
Brad Friedman (brad_friedman@cville.win.net)
Ilan Berker (berker@ivy.wpi.edu)
Ray Steiner (steiner@andy.bgsu.edu)
Robert A. DeLisle (rad@crl.com)
Phelps Gates (phelpsg1@aol.com)
H Asobi (asobih@aol.com)
Steve Johnson (johnson@cs.wmich.edu)
Jake Bergmann (jbergmann@bbn.com)
Antony Lewis (aml1005@hermes.cam.ac.uk)
Mike Hamilton (mikeh@bbs.ausom.oz.au)
Dan Sachs (dansachs@panix.com)
Jenn Turney (jenn_turney@king.mathcs.wilkes.edu)
Ilana Stern (ilana@niwot.scd.ucar.edu)

-1) What's the charter of rec.puzzles.crosswords?
-2) What are good dictionaries for crosswords?
There is no one definitive dictionary that you must have for ...
-3) Are there good books of word-lists for crosswords?
You can probably find books of word-lists in your nearest bookshop....
-4) What technical papers are there about crosswords?
Does anyone know any other E-Mail addresses of the authors ...
-5) What books are there on (solving) crosswords?
%T Chambers Crossword Manual (Second Edition)...
-6) Is there any FTP site for crossword related material?
The crossword archive is officially open for business :-)....
-7) What software is available for crosswords?
Most crossword related software is available via shareware with ...
-8) Are there any on-line dictionaries available? (Crosswords)
There are quite a few locations where complete on-line dictionaries are ...
-9) Standard tips for solving a cryptic crossword?
The explanation below is taken from rec.puzzles and I will endeavour ...
-9) Standard tips for solving a cryptic crossword? 57 Varieties
Roy Thearle has outdone himself by putting together an every ...
-9) Standard tips for solving a cryptic crossword? Solutions
-10) Crosswords: What is the difference between British and Americancryptic clues?
Of course, British and American clues will use different spellings. ...
-10) Crosswords: What errors are known in Chambers Words?
Chambers Words is a tremendously useful publication, but assorted ...
-10) Crosswords: Who sets the crossword in your daily newspaper?
The Times (of London) uses a number of crossword setters but they ...
-10) Crosswords: What is an &lit clue?
From Felix Lee (flee@guardian.cse.psu.edu):...
-10) Crosswords: What's an indirect anagram and why are they frownedupon in the newsgroups clue writing competitions?
Thanks to Ilana Stern for this description....
-10) Crosswords: Define surface reading and how important is it in clueing?
Note: I have strong opinions on this topic, vis a vis the necessity of ...
-10) Crosswords: I've set a crossword which I think is good enough forpublication. Where can I send it for evaluation and possiblepublication?
Thanks to Ray Hamel for the addresses provided below....
-10) Crosswords Misc Questions
Q: Is there an official Archiver for the rec.puzzles.crosswords ...
-11) What crossword related associations or publications are there?
Thanks to Chris Long for most of this description!...
-12) What are ACC, CWC, and PCWC? (Crosswords)
These are cryptic clue writing competitions run regularly in ...
-13) What words have been used in the above competitions? (Crosswords)
Here are the lists of all CWC, PCWC, and ACC words used to ...
-14) Who has won the above competitions? (Crosswords)

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