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Sniffer FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about sniffers.

This FAQ about sniffers was compiled and written by Christopher Klaus cklaus@iss.net with numerous contributions by others.


This paper is Copyright (c) 1994, 1995, 1996
by Christopher Klaus of Internet Security Systems, Inc.

Permission is hereby granted to give away free copies electronically. You may distribute, transfer, or spread this paper electronically. You may not pretend that you wrote it. This copyright notice must be maintained in any copy made. If you wish to reprint the whole or any part of this paper in any other medium excluding electronic medium, please ask the author for permission.


I would like to thank the following people for the contribution to this FAQ
that has helped to update and shape it:

* Padgett Peterson (padgett@tccslr.dnet.mmc.com)
* Steven Bellovin (smb@research.att.com)
* Wietse Venema (wietse@wzv.win.tue.nl)
* Robert D. Graham (robg@NGC.COM)
* Kevin Martinez (kevinm@beavis.qntm.com)
* Frederick B. Cohen (fc@all.net)
* James Bonfield (jkb@mrc-lmb.cam.ac.uk)
* Marc Horowitz (marc@MIT.EDU)
* Steve Edwards (steve@newline.com)
* Andy Poling (Andy.Poling@jhu.edu)
* Jeff Collyer (jeff@cnet-pnw.com)
* Sara Gordon (sgordon@sun1.iusb.indiana.edu)

-01 What a sniffer is and how it works
Unlike telephone circuits, computer networks are shared ...
-02 Where are sniffers available
Sniffing is one of the most popular forms of attacks used by hackers. ...
-03 How to detect a sniffer running.
To detect a sniffing device that only collects data and does not respond ...
-04 Stopping sniffing attacks
Active hubs send to each system only packets intended for it ...
-05 Sniffer Encryption
There are several packages out there that allow encryption ...
-06 Sniffer: Kerberos
Kerberos is another package that encrypts account information going over ...
-07 Sniffer: One time password technology
S/key and other one time password technology makes sniffing ...
-08 Sniffer: Non-promiscuous Interfaces
You can try to make sure that most IBM DOS compatible machines ...

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