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Canine Hip Dysplasia FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Canine Hip Dysplasia

This is Canine Hip Dysplasia FAQ, written by Cindy Tittle Moore rpd-info@netcom.com with contributions by others.

There are many FAQ's available for this group. For a complete listing of these, get the "Complete List of RPD FAQs". This article is posted bimonthly in rec.pets.dogs, and is available via anonymous ftp to rtfm.mit.edu under pub/usenet/news.answers/dogs-faq/faq-list, via the Web at http://www.k9web.com/dog-faqs/lists/faq-list.html, or via email by sending your message to mail-server@rtfm.mit.edu with send usenet/news.answers/dogs-faq/faq-list in the body of the message.

This article is Copyright 1997 by Cindy Tittle Moore rpd-info@netcom.com. It may be freely distributed on the Internet in its entirety without alteration provided that this copyright notice is not removed. It may NOT reside at another website (use links, please) other than the URL listed above without the permission of the Author(s). This article may not be sold for profit nor incorporated in other documents without he Author(s)'s permission and is provided "as is" without express or implied warranty.

-01 Canine Hip Dysplasia: Introduction
Canine Hip Dysplasia (CHD) is the most common, heritable ...
-02 Canine Hip Dysplasia: What Exactly Is PennHIP?
PennHIP is a scientific method to evaluate a dog for ...
-03 Canine Hip Dysplasia: How Was PennHIP developed?
The development of PennHIP has involved multiple disciplines ...
-04 Canine Hip Dysplasia: How Does PennHIP Differ from Evaluation Methods Which Use the Hip Extended Position?
PennHIP differs in some very fundamental and important ways. First,...
-05 Canine Hip Dysplasia: What Happens to My Dog During a PennHIP Evaluation?
To obtain diagnostic radiographs, it is important that the patient ...
-06 Canine Hip Dysplasia: What Is the Cost of Having My Dog Evaluated?
The total fee for a PennHIP evaluation is determined by ...
-07 Canine Hip Dysplasia: Is PennHIP Going To Replace Other Commercially Available Systems?
As technology advances, the veterinary professional community ...
-08 Canine Hip Dysplasia: Will AKC and Other Breed Registration Organizations "Recognize" PennHIP?
ICG is working with many organizations to present the ...
-09 Canine Hip Dysplasia: How Does This Benefit Me as an Owner or Breeder of Dogs?
Scientific data confirms that the PennHIP method surpasses ...

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