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Blade Runner FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Blade Runner, a frequently debated movie.

This FAQ about Blade Runner, a frequently debated movie was compiled and written by Murray Chapmanmuzzle@cs.uq.oz.au with numerous contributions by others.

Special thanks to:
William M. Kolb (bkolb@arinc.com)
Geoff Wright (gmw4432@bcstec.ca.boeing.com)
Peter Merel (pete@extro.ucc.su.OZ.AU)
Michael Kaufman (kaufman@delta.eecs.nwu.edu)
Gareth Euridge (geuridge@magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu)
Steve Griffiths (etlsngs@etlxd20.ericsson.se)
Robert J. Niland (rjn@csn.org)
Paul Moore (pmoore@odetics.com)
Juhana Kouhia (kouhia@nic.funet.fi)

-1. What is Blade Runner?
Blade Runner (BR) is a science-fiction film starring Harrison Ford, Rutger ...
-2. What book is it based on? (Blade Runner)
Blade Runner is LOOSELY based on a Philip K. Dick novel, Do Androids Dream ...
-3. Is the sound track available? (Blade Runner)
In July 1994, Vangelis released the Official Blade Runner Soundtrack ...
-4. What are replicants? (Blade Runner)
The following definition appears in the BR script and the Marvel Comics ...
-5. Who/what is ? (Blade Runner)
-5. Blade Runner: Behind the Scenes
-5. Blade Runner: On Screen
-6. I don't like the voice-overs/ending. (Blade Runner)
Ridley Scott made BR in a style called film noir. Film noir is a ...
-7. What are the different versions of Blade Runner?
-7. US Denver/Dallas Sneak Preview/Workprint--70mm (113 min) (Blade Runner Version)
- Webster's 2012 definition of a replicant used in lieu of opening ...
-7. US San Diego Sneak Preview (115 min) (Blade Runner Version)
-7. European Theatrical Release/Criterion Laserdisc/Videocassette (117 min) (Blade Runner Version)
-7. The Director's Cut (BRDC) (117 min) (Blade Runner Version)
- voice-overs completely ...
-7. Cable TV [? min] (Blade Runner Version)
-7. Videotape (117 min) (Blade Runner Version)
-7. Laserdisc (Blade Runner Version)
-7. Printed material (Blade Runner)
-7. Books (Blade Runner)
Retrofitting Blade Runner: Issues in Ridley Scott's Blade Runner and ...
-7. Models (Blade Runner)
Elliott Swanson maintains a ...
-7. Periodicals (Blade Runner)
American Cinematographer, July 1982. BR special....
-8. Memorable quotes. (Blade Runner)
-9. What is the significance of the unicorn? (Blade Runner)
When Deckard leaves his apartment with Rachael at the end of the film, she ...
-10. What is the significance of the chess game? (Blade Runner)
The chess game between Tyrell and Sebastian uses the conclusion of a game ...
-11. Problems in Blade Runner
-12. What makes Blade Runner popular/special?
Deckard only retires two replicants, both women....
-12. Blade Runner Production Notes (excerpts from the 1982 Presskit)
-12. Blade Runner: Religious/Philosophical Parallels
-12. Blade Runner: Behind The Scenes
-13. Blade Runner Questions part1
-13. Blade Runner Questions part2
Q: Batty calls Deckard by name during the chase at the end. How did he ...
-13. Blade Runner Questions part3
Q: Is there going to be a sequel to Blade Runner?...
-13. Blade Runner Questions part4
Q: Is the Video Watchdog description of the workprint (WP) accurate?...
-14. Is Deckard a replicant? (Blade Runner)
This question causes the most debate among BR fans. The different versions ...

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