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Hanggliding and Paragliding FAQ

Hanggliding and Paragliding Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ about hanggliding and paragliding was compiled and written by Joao Geada with numerous contributions by others.

-1. Basic Performance Questions:
-1.B. How high/far can a hangglider go ?
-1.C. How long do flights last ?
-1.D. Where can gliders launch and land ?
-1.E. How safe are hanggliders ?
-2.A. Is lots of wind necessary to launch/fly/land ?
-2.B. How do gliders gain altitude ?
-2.C. What range of temperatures are encountered in flight ?
-3.A. Is hanggliding physically demanding ?
-3.B. Do pilots need to be of a certain age, gender, weight or size range ?
-3.C. Do pilots need to be licensed to fly hang gliders ?
-3.D. How does a student go about learning to fly ?
-3.E. How much does all this cost ?
-3.F. How to get more information: (Jean Orloff, 4/95)
-4.A. What is a "Paraglider"?
-4.B What are the main component parts of a Paraglider?
-4.C. Is a Paraglider the same thing as a parachute?
-4.D.What is the difference between a Hangglider and a Paraglider?
-4.E. Why would anyone want to fly a Paraglider when they could fly a Hangglider?
-4.F.How much does a Paraglider cost?
-4.G. How long does a Paraglider last?
-4.H.What are Big-Ears (Rossette, A-Line Stall, Collapses)?
-5.A.How do you tow a hangglider?
-5.B.What is a static line?
-5.C.What is a payout winch?
-5.D.What is a stationary winch.
-5.E.What is aero tow?
-5.F.How is the towline attached to the hangglider?
-5.G.How does a hangglider take off when it's being towed.
-5.H.What is Platform launch?
-5.I.What is a dolly launch?
-5.J.How is a glider foot-launched for tow?
-5.K.How long are the towlines used for tow?
-5.L.What material are the towlines made of?
-5.M.What is a weaklink?
-5.N.What tension will cause a weaklink to break?
-5.O.What is scooter tow?
-5.P.Does it take any training to learn to fly a hangglider under tow?
-5.Q.How about flying a paraglider under tow?
-5.R.What are the exceptions?
-5.S.So, what is a lockout?
-5.T.How does a pilot recover from a lockout?
-5.U.What if the pilot is in a lockout or other trouble situation and the release fails?
-5.V.What is a hook knife?
-5.W.What is an observer?
-5.X.Does everyone use a winch operator or observer?
-5.Y.When is an observer imperative?
-5.Z.Is towing hanggliders or paragliders more dangerous than foot launch?
-6. Aerotowing - High Tech Hanggliding on a Leash
-6.A. Introduction
-6.B. Aerotowing
-6.C. The Equipment
-6.D. Extraordinary People
-7.A. What does SUPINE mean?
-7.B. What does SUPRONE mean?
-7.C. What are the advantages to flying supine?
-7.D. What are the disadvantages?
-7.E. Is there a glide ratio disadvantage?
-7.F. Can a supine pilot be a good XC pilot?
-7.G. How is a glider altered to fly it supine?
-7.H. Can I get factory-made cables for supine flying?
-7.I. If I decide to modify the cables myself what is the best way?
-7.J. Where can I get a supine harness?
-7.K. Any other equipment recomended while flying supine?
-7.L. Can a supine pilot be platform towed or aerotowed?
-7.M. Where can I get more information?

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