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Pratchett Newsgroups FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Terry Pratchett and the Pratchett newsgroups.

This FAQ about Terry Pratchett and the Pratchett newsgroups was compiled and written by Orin Thomas orin@lspace.org with numerous contributions by others.

-01 The next book (Terry Pratchett Newsgroups)
Night ...
-02 Faq suggestions (Terry Pratchett Newsgroups)
Any suggestions, alterations, daquiris or renditions ...
-03 The usenet newsgroups (Terry Pratchett Newsgroups)
Welcome to the Pratchett Usenet Newsgroups....
-04 General nettiquette (Terry Pratchett Newsgroups)
If you haven't already done so, now is as good a time as any to ...
-05 Pratchett newsgroup peculiarities (Terry Pratchett Newsgroups)
Being a rather unique bunch of people we also have some ...
-06 Other internet resources (Terry Pratchett Newsgroups)
--- The LSPACE ...
-07 Biographical information (Terry Pratchett Newsgroups)
This is stuff about Terry Pratchett himself. Information about Terry ...
-08 Personal history (Terry Pratchett)
People never read these biographies anyway, do they? They want ...
-09 How did he come to write? (Terry Pratchett)
The first story he ever wrote was for a school assignment and was ...
-10 I want to contact terry for an interview or something (Terry Pratchett)
Contact his agent, Colin Smythe (CPSmythe@aol.com) - that is the ...
-11 The discworld book list (Terry Pratchett)
Here is a list of Terry's Discworld Book Titles. A more complete ...
-12 Neil Gaiman (Terry Pratchett)
Co-wrote the fan favorite Good Omens with Pterry....
-13 Stephen Briggs. (Terry Pratchett)
Stephen Briggs was born in 1951 and lives in Oxfordshire....
-14 Josh Kirby (Terry Pratchett)
Josh Kirby is an artist who has been drawing covers for many ...
-15 Paul Kidby (Terry Pratchett)
Paul Kidby has collaborated with Terry Pratchett on a number of ...
-16 Terry Pratchett and Usenet
-17 Terry Pratchett's E-Mail address
-18 Terry Pratchett: His Setup
-19 Computer games (Terry Pratchett)
-20 Merchandising and fandom (Terry Pratchett)
There is a Merchandise FAQ posted regularly to AFP. There ...
-21 Pterry on the ptelly (Terry Pratchett)
--- The
-22 Common threads (Terry Pratchett)
Some threads, like the perennial bad penny, just keep turning up. ...
-23 What is UNCLEAR PHYSICS and Where can I get a copy?
-24 Posting an Annotation
-25 Criticising Terry Pratchett on Alt.Fan.Pratchett
-26 Why Pterry?
-27 Terry Pratchett: Casting Movies
-28 How should I pronounce Rincewind's Name?
-29 How should I pronounce Gaspode's Name?
-30 What are the words to the The Hedgehog Song?
-31 What/Where is the Missing Chapter?
-32 What is a "Merkin"?
-33 Does Terry Pratchett post here or what?
-34 Due South/Frazier/Carrot/Hey aren't they ...
-35 What is [G], [C], [G], [O], [O], [K]
-36 Terry Pratchett: Your Purity Test Score
-37 Terry Pratchett: Will there be a sequel to "Good Omens"
-38 Terry Pratchett: What is Slood?
-39 Terry Pratchett: Similar Authors
-40 Terry Pratchett: The Future
-41 Terry Pratchett: Big NO NO's!
-42 Terry Pratchett: Inconsistencies
-43 Terry Pratchett: Appearances
-44 The Orang-Utan Foundation
-45 Terry Pratchett: Approximate Number of Books Published
-46 Credits (Terry Pratchett Newsgroups)
Many people have contributed to this FAQ (so much so that almost ...

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