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Adoption FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Adoption.

This FAQ about Adoption was compiled and written by Rosemarie Ventura aa742@freenet.buffalo.edu ah241@freenet.carleton.ca with numerous contributions by others.

alt.adoption FAQ may be reproduced and redistributed provided it is given freely, not sold, and this notice remains intact. All rights reserved. Rosemarie Ventura

Rosemarie Ventura

-01 Adoptive Parents and those interested in adopting
-02 Those Considering Placing a Child for Adoption
-03 Foster Parents Sites
-04 FAQS (adoption)
-05 USA Legislative (adoption)
-06 How to Start Searching - Some Basics (adoption)
-07 Reunion Registries, Search Listings, etc (adoption)
-08 Searchable Databases, not Adoption Focused (adoption)
-09 Search Assistance (adoption)
-10 USA Search and Support Groups (adoption)
The 1996 issue of The Blue Book, a print listing of search ...
-11 Adoption Groups: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas
-12 Adoption Groups: California
-13 Adoption Groups: Colorado, Connecticut
-14 Adoption Groups: Delaware, District Of Columbia, Virginia, Maryland
-15 Adoption Groups: FLORIDA
-16 Adoption Groups: Georgia, Hawaii
-17 Adoption Groups: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa
-18 Adoption Groups: Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana
-19 Adoption Groups: Maine, Massachusetts
-20 Adoption Groups: Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi
-21 Adoption Groups: Missouri, Montana
-22 Adoption Groups: Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico
-23 Adoption Groups: New York
-24 Adoption Groups: North Carolina, Ohio
-25 Adoption Groups: Oklahoma, Oregon
-26 Adoption Groups: Pennsylvania
-27 Adoption Groups: Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota
-28 Adoption Groups: Tennessee, Texas
-29 Adoption Groups: Utah, Vermont
-30 Adoption Groups: Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming
-31 International Adoption Search Info: Europe, Asia
-32 International Adoption Search Info: Australia
-33 International Adoption Search Info: Austria, Belgium
-34 International Adoption Search Info: Canada
-35 International Adoption Search Info: Colombia, Denmark, France, Germany
-36 International Adoption Search Info: Ireland, Korea
-37 International Adoption Search Info: Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway
-38 International Adoption Search Info: South Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden
-39 International Adoption Search Info: Switzerland, England
-40 International Adoption Search Info: UNITED STATES and territories
-41 Advocacy and Reform Links - USA Open Records Lobby Orgs (adoption)
-42 Adoption Lobbying Organizations: Adoption Reform Coalitions - USAOpen Records Lobby Orgs
-43 USA National Adoption Organizations p1
These organizations represent a broad spectrum of attitude and ...
-44 USA National Adoption Organizations p2
BirthParent ...
-45 USA National Adoption Organizations p3
Indian Child Welfare Law ...
-46 USA National Adoption Organizations p4
National Adoption Information Clearinghouse (NAIC)...
-47 Introduction - Books, Multimedia and Periodicals (adoption)
-48 Catalogs - Books, Multimedia and Periodicals (adoption)
-49 New Listings - Books, Multimedia and Periodicals (adoption)
-50 Relinquishing a Child - Books, Multimedia and Periodicals (adoption)
(see also Birth Parent & Healing)...
-51 Adoptees -- Adult Non-Fiction - Books, Multimedia and Periodicals (adoption)
-52 Birth Parents - Books, Multimedia and Periodicals (adoption)
-53 Searchess, Searching & Reunions - Books, Multimedia and Periodicals (adoption)
-54 Search and Reunion -- Biography - Books, Multimedia and Periodicals (adoption)
-55 Biographies and other true tales - Books, Multimedia and Periodicals (adoption)
-56 Records Access - Books, Multimedia and Periodicals (adoption)
-57 Healing & Trauma - Books, Multimedia and Periodicals (adoption)
-58 General Works - Books, Multimedia and Periodicals (adoption)
-59 Periodicals (adoption)
-60 Education Videos (adoption)
-61 Education Audio Tapes (adoption)
-62 URLs: Artistic/Narrative (adoption)
-63 Usenet Groups (adoption)
-64 Mailing Lists (adoption)
-65 Waiting Parents Registries (adoption)
-66 Gopher (adoption)
-67 FTP (adoption)
-68 TELNET (adoption)
-69 WorldWide Web (adoption)
-70 IRC / Chat (adoption)
-71 Other Networks' Message Boards (adoption)
-72 Bulletin Boards (adoption)
-73 Research and Academia (adoption)
-74 Open Adoption
-75 Indices (adoption)

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