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Working Dogs FAQ

Dogs that work: Search and Rescue, Sled, Herding, Narcotics and Evidence. Patrol, Water Rescue and Drafting

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-001. Working Trials
Working Dogs: 001. Working Trials
-002. Search and Rescue Dogs
Working Dogs: 002. Search and Rescue Dogs
-003. Where to get started
Working Dogs: 003. Where to get started
-004. Tracking and Trailing
Working Dogs: 004. Tracking and Trailing
-005. Area search
Working Dogs: 005. Area search
-006. Disaster search
Working Dogs: 006. Disaster search
-007. Cadaver search
Working Dogs: 007. Cadaver search
-008. Related testing
Working Dogs: 008. Related testing
-009. Sled Dogs
Working Dogs: 009. Sled Dogs
-010. Types of sled dogs
Working Dogs: 010. Types of sled dogs
-011. Mushing terms
Working Dogs: 011. Mushing terms
-012. Mushing equipment
Working Dogs: 012. Mushing equipment
-013. Skijoring equipment
Working Dogs: 013. Skijoring equipment
-014. Weight pulling equipment
Working Dogs: 014. Weight pulling equipment
-015. Training the musher
Working Dogs: 015. Training the musher
-016. Training dogs to pull
Working Dogs: 016. Training dogs to pull
-017. Training lead dogs
Working Dogs: 017. Training lead dogs
-018. Training for skijoring
Working Dogs: 018. Training for skijoring
-019. Final remarks
Working Dogs: 019. Final remarks
-020. Herding Dogs
Working Dogs: 020. Herding Dogs
-021. Narcotics and Evidence Dogs
Working Dogs: 021. Narcotics and Evidence Dogs
-022. Patrol Dogs
Working Dogs: 022. Patrol Dogs
-023. Water Rescue Dogs
Working Dogs: 023. Water Rescue Dogs
-024. Senior test
Working Dogs: 024. Senior test
-025. Drafting Dogs
Working Dogs: 025. Drafting Dogs

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