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Lawful Arrest/Search/Seizure FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Lawful Arrest/Search/Seizure.

This FAQ about Lawful Arrest/Search/Seizure was compiled and written by Ahimsa Dhamapada ahimsa@mu.clarityconnect.net with numerous contributions by others.


Copyright (c) 2000-2002 Ahimsa Dhamapada (ahimsa@mu.clarityconnect.net). Permission to redistribute this work unedited and in its entirety is granted, provided that this copyright notice is not altered or removed. This includes permission to redistribute as part of compilations in CDROM or other media.

Kudos to:

Special thanks to Marc Visconte (marcus_anarcus@geocities.com), for spelling corrections, and for other very good suggestions. The RTF version is due to Marc's inspiration.

Thanks to Seth Golub for his txt2html, and Larry Wall for his Perl; both were used in creating the "official" HTML version. (This should not be considered an endorsement on their part.)

Thanks to those generous many who shared their knowledge with me.

-1.1: What are the elements of a lawful arrest, detainment, search, or seizure?
-1.2: What is "Probable Cause"?
-1.3: What is a "Standing Army"?
-1.4: What are "standing orders"?
-1.5: You can't expect the police do nothing until AFTER a crime occurs!?
-1.6: What is "Oath or Affirmation"?
-1.7: Isn't "committing a crime" the same as "violating the law"?
-1.8: What is a "Warrant"?
-1.9: What is a "Cause of Action"?
-1.10: What are "Miranda Warnings"?
-1.11: Doesn't the U.S. Constitution only apply to the Federal Government?
-1.12: Are Police un-Constitutional!!??
-1.13: Is Jail "cruel and unusual"?
-1.14: Is Entrapment Legal?
-1.15: Is "Conspiracy to Commit Murder" equal to murder itself?
-1.16: What is a Bill of Attainder?
-1.17: What is an Ex Post Factor Law?
-2.1: Should I hire an attorney to represent me in court?
-2.2: What is an Attorney At Law? What is an Esquire?
-2.3: How do I "represent myself"?
-2.4: How should I plead: Guilty, Not Guilty, or No Contest?
-2.5: Judge or Jury?
-2.6: What is "Jury Nullification"?
-2.7: What is a Grand Jury?
-2.8: How long can they hold me without charging me?
-2.9: What is the Writ of Habeous Corpus?
-2.10: Why won't my attorney argue my case on Constitutional grounds?
-2.11: What is a jurisdiction? What are the different kinds?
-2.12: What is "Due Process?"
-2.13: How does the Constitution help me?
-2.14: Why do they speak Latin in court? I don't speak Latin!
-2.15: What is Double Jeopardy? What is "Multiplicity"?
-2.16: Aren't these just your opinions? Aren't you are misquoting the Constitution?
-3.1: What are my most basic rights as a living person?
-3.2: Are rights only for men?
-3.3: Are there any limits on the exercise of a right?
-3.4: Is there a right to a job/health insurance, etc?
-3.5: Does a corporation have rights?
-3.6: Can the State be a crime victim?
-3.7: What is a right vs. a privilege?
-3.8: What is a license?
-3.9: Do I have a right to defend myself?
-3.10: Do "property rights" exist in nature?
-3.11: Can I give up a right?
-3.12: Where does government power come from?
-3.13: What are "inherent powers"?
-3.14: Where does the Police power come from?
-3.15: What is Sovereign Immunity?
-3.16: Why don't they teach this is public schools?

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