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Diet FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about the newsgroup alt.support.diet, including different types of diets and where to find more information. It should be read by anyone who wishes to post to the alt.support.diet newsgroup.

This FAQ about alt.support.diet topics was compiled and written by Claudia McCreary cookignnewsletter@chef.net with numerous contributions by others.

Obligatory disclaimer: The information contained in this posting is in no way guaranteed. This Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list is based largely on the personal experiences of the members of alt.support.diet, most of whom are not health-care professionals. As such, it should not be regarded as a complete or definitive manual on weight loss or maintenance, but rather as a concise collection of practical information and suggestions that you may find useful in your quest to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Before beginning a weight loss program, you may wish to first consult your physician to rule out the possibility of medical problems or conditions which should be factored into your diet and exercise plans (e.g., pregnancy, thyroid disorders, diabetes, hypoglycemia, heart disease, etc.).

-01 What is the purpose of alt.support.diet?
-02 Are advertisements allowed on a.s.d?
-03 What is YMMV?
-04 Am I Overweight? What do the terms "overweight" and "obese" mean?
-05 Is using a standard height/weight chart a good way to tell whether I'm overweight?
-06 I've decided to start a weight loss plan. How should I determine what weight I want to reach?
-07 How often should I weigh myself?
-08 Is using body fat percentage a good way to tell whether I'm overweight?
-09 What's the best way to measure body fat percentage?
-10 Are there any other ways to find out whether I'm overweight/overfat?
-11 What is cellulite?
-12 I keep hearing that a low-fat diet is supposed to be good for me. Why should I eat a low-fat diet, and how low is "low"?
-13 Should I eliminate all fat from my diet?
-14 How can I tell how much fat is in the foods I eat?
-15 How do the new nutrition labels on processed foods differ from the old labels?
-16 What is fiber? Is it important?
-17 Is sugar a no-no?
-18 What about artificial sweeteners?
-19 What is the new "Food Pyramid" I've heard about? Is it similar to the "Four Basic Food Groups"?
-20 Is Promise Ultra Fat-free Margarine really fat-free?
-21 Are there any computer programs that will help me plan my diet or keep track of the foods I eat?
-22 How many calories per day do I need?
-23 Can I lose weight faster by consuming fewer calories?
-24 Is it really necessary to drink 8 glasses of water per day while dieting?
-25 Is skipping a meal a day an effective way to lose weight?
-26 I'm afraid that I'll have to give up all my favorite foods in order to lose weight. Is this true?
-27 Can I lose weight without dieting?
-28 Are surgical procedures like liposuction or stomach stapling a good way to lose weight?
-29 How many pounds a week should I lose?
-30 Why do men seem to lose weight faster/more easily than women?
-31 Some weeks into my diet, my weight loss just stopped, even though I followed the diet plan to the letter. What did I do wrong?
-32 Once I've lost the weight, how can I keep from regaining it?
-33 Are liquid diets a good way to lose weight?
-34 Is fasting a good way to lose weight?
-35 How does Weight Watchers work?
-36 How does Jenny Craig work?
-37 How does Nutri/System work?
-38 How does Overeaters Anonymous work?
-39 How does TOPS work?
-40 How does "Stop the Insanity" work?
-41 What is the Carbohydrates Addict's diet?
-42 What is Dr. Atkins' diet?
-43 What is the Zone diet?
-44 What is the "TJ Soup diet" (a.k.a. "The Sacred Heart Hospital Diet" or "Cabbage Soup Diet")?
-45 I've heard about several weight loss aids like herbal teas, "fat-burning" pills, etc. Do any of these work?
-46 What about prescription drugs (phentermine, fenfluramine)?
-47 Do I need to take a supplement (vitamin/mineral pill) while dieting?
-48 What is chromium? Can taking a chromium supplement help me lose or maintain weight?
-49 I need to lose weight, but I really hate to exercise. Can I lose weight by eating a low-calorie diet without exercising?
-50 What are the most effective types of exercise for losing fat/weight?
-51 How hard do I need to exercise?
-52 What is anaerobic exercise?
-53 How often and how long do I need to exercise?
-54 How many calories do different types of exercise burn?
-55 Does "passive exercise" (e.g., toning tables) work?
-56 I move around a lot during the day; I try to use stairs instead of elevators, park my car on the far side of the parking lot, etc. Would I qualify as a "moderately active" person?
-57 I've started a diet and exercise program, but I'm finding it really hard to stay on track. Any suggestions?
-58 Newsgroups
-59 Mailing lists
-60 World Wide Web sites
-61 Bibliography And Recommended Reading List

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