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Watercooled VWs General FAQ

Watercooled VWs General Q&As

This Watercooled VWs General FAQ was compiled and written by Jan Vandenbrande with numerous contributions by others.

Copyright Notice (c) -- 1993 - 1996: All Rights Reserved

The information contained here is collectively copyrighted by the authors. The right to reproduce this is hereby given, provided it is copied intact, with the copyright notice inclusive. However, the authors explicitly prohibit selling this document, any of its parts, or any document which contains parts of this document.

-01 What does [W] and [A] mean in the UseNet posting headers?
-02 What are the best manuals for my car?
-03 Any interesting books?
-04 Can I get VW Service Bulletins?
-05 What periodicals are worth reading and are relevant to VW?
-06 Is there an index of articles of the above.
-07 Are there any VW clubs?
-08 I am going to Germany, what can I visit that may be of interest?
-09 What's A-1 and the A-2 designations mean I see all the time?
-10 What is captured in the US Vehicle Identification Number?
-11 What does the Karmann badge on some VWs mean?
-12 What are VWs OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer)?
-13 Where can I get used parts?
-14 Where can I get DISCOUNT and PERFORMANCE parts?
-15 Who are the VW (performance) tuners?
-16 What are some of the brand name namufacturer/product addresses?
-17 Where can I get special VW tools?
-18 What are VW's related numbers and addresses?
-19 What does 'Fahrvergnuegen' mean (current commercial jingle in NA)?
-20 Who did the music on the US/Canada VW commercial?
-21 Where did VW car names come from?
-22 What does GTI, GLI and so on mean?
-23 Is VW the inventor of the VR6 and G-charger design?
-24 What is VW's heritage?
-25 What's the relationship between VW, Audi and Porsche?
-26 What do the oval "B", "D" stickers on car's bumpers mean in Europe?
-27 What are the racing colors per country?
-28 What is the VW Visa card?
-29 How do I obtain NHTSA (Recall) information (USA)?
-30 What are the known defects for the VW product line?
-31 Other Known Failures/Technical Service Bulletins
-32 I heard there is a recall on my Golf/Jetta/GTI heater core. What do I do?
-33 What are the symptoms of a leaky/bad heater core?
-34 My A/C is smelly after use, especially during humid summer months?
-35 My radio keeps on playing when the car is turned off?
-36 My oxygen sensor light has come on. What am I supposed to do?
-37 How do I reset the oxygen sensor light?
-38 I have a Clock, not a tach, can I get a "new" instrument cluster?
-39 What's a good car cover for my car? Will it scratch or dull my paint?
-40 Whenever it rains, the carpet in my VW gets wet?
-41 My back up lights don't work anymore, but the bulbs are ok!
-42 During hard cornering my inner rear wheel lifts. What's wrong? Is this bad?
-43 My VR6 equiped VW (Corrado, Passats) rattles in idle, but the sound goes away when I push in the clutch!
-44 The AC comes on when I turn on the defroster. What's wrong?
-45 What VW parts are interchangeable between models & years?
-46 Will Rabbit seats fit in a Scirocco?
-47 I need tool VW #xyz. Is there a suitable replacement?
-48 My factory VW radio is CD changer ready. What unit other than the VW one can I use?
-49 What are the FI types used by VW?
-50 How do I take care of my car to make it last long?
-51 Should I warm up my VW?
-52 Which is better High or Low revs when driving? Will either one damage the engine?
-53 How do you break into all A1 & A2 VWs (exc. Corrado, Passats, A3) w/o breaking glass in under 10 secs?
-54 What gas (petrol) should I use?
-55 When/how often should I get an alignment done?
-56 Good and bad VW years? Impressions?
-57 Translations
-58 Current VW Types
-59 Old VW Types
-60 Contributors (not exhaustive):

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