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AmigaUUCP installation, utilities and common problems

This amigaUUCP FAQ was compiled and written by Marc SCHAEFER with numerous contributions by others.

This work is placed under the protection of the Berne Convention, except that it is hereby authorized to copy it as part of the normal Usenet article transmission process and to archive it with other FAQs for anonymous FTP or WWW retrieval. All other copies are authorized as long as no money whatsoever is made from this work and if it is copied in full. Inclusion in CD-ROMs and selling it as part of another work is explicitely not allowed, except if a gift is given to a recognized charity organization or the FSF GNU Project, and I am asked first.

This copyright notice will not be repeated for the two other parts of this FAQ.

NOTE: The primary goal for this FAQ is to prevent questions from looping over and over. If you have new and interesting material, post it to alt.sys.amiga.uucp with "Addition to FAQ" somewhere in the subject. I will add it for the next "release". You may also send any ideas, changes, flames, typos to the address UUCP-Faq@alphanet.ch. They will be incorporated in the next release with your name in the CHANGES section as a reward :-)

NOTE TO UUCP-BEGINNERS: Please take some of your time and READ the UUCP documentation. Most of the questions posted on a.s.a.u are related to manual pages. This FAQ contains also some information on common problems and utilities. Don't forget to get the FAQS from news.announce.newusers. You may also read UUMAN:Standards (for UUCP internals) and UUMAN:how2usenet.

This article is provided as is without any express or implied warranties. While every effort has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in this article, the author/maintainer/contributors assume no responsibility for errors or omissions, or for damages resulting from the use of the information contained herein.

-1.1) Configuration
amigaUUCP: ) Configuration
-1.2) Usage Of
amigaUUCP: ) Usage Of
-1.3) Bug / Enhancement Reports
amigaUUCP: ) Bug / Enhancement Reports
-2.0) Introduction To AmigaUUCP
amigaUUCP: ) Introduction To AmigaUUCP
-3.0) Principal Utilities
amigaUUCP: ) Principal Utilities
-4.1) Constructing Mail Addresses. General
amigaUUCP: ) Constructing Mail Addresses. General
-4.2) Constructing Mail Addresses. Bang Paths
amigaUUCP: ) Constructing Mail Addresses. Bang Paths
-4.3) Internet Domains Verses UUCP Map Entries
amigaUUCP: ) Internet Domains Verses UUCP Map Entries
-4.4) When All Else Fails - Bounced Email
amigaUUCP: ) When All Else Fails - Bounced Email
-5.0) Using Dcron
amigaUUCP: ) Using Dcron
-5.1) Dcron Maintenance.
amigaUUCP: ) Dcron Maintenance.
-6.0) US Domain Clarification
amigaUUCP: ) US Domain Clarification
-7.0) Common Problems
amigaUUCP: ) Common Problems
-8.0) Using Sendmail Directly
amigaUUCP: ) Using Sendmail Directly
-9.1) Other crons.
amigaUUCP: ) Other crons.
-9.2) Logging in remotely.
amigaUUCP: ) Logging in remotely.
-9.3) AXSH
amigaUUCP: ) AXSH
-9.4) Archiving Newsgroups.
amigaUUCP: ) Archiving Newsgroups.
-9.5) News and Mail Gateways
amigaUUCP: ) News and Mail Gateways
-9.6) Mail Vacation Programs.
amigaUUCP: ) Mail Vacation Programs.
-9.7) UUPoll
amigaUUCP: ) UUPoll
-9.8) UUTraf
amigaUUCP: ) UUTraf
-9.9) UUAcct
amigaUUCP: ) UUAcct
-9.10) Elm
amigaUUCP: ) Elm
-9.12) BMS
amigaUUCP: ) BMS
-9.13) BSMTP (Batch Simple Mail Transfer Protocol)
amigaUUCP: ) BSMTP (Batch Simple Mail Transfer Protocol)
-9.14) AVM
amigaUUCP: ) AVM
-9.15) UUXQT L:Commands
amigaUUCP: ) UUXQT L:Commands
-9.16) MIME [Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions]
amigaUUCP: ) MIME [Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions]
-9.17) XStat
amigaUUCP: ) XStat
-9.18) AuxSupport
amigaUUCP: ) AuxSupport
-9.19) Remote-WShell
amigaUUCP: ) Remote-WShell
-9.21) TIN
amigaUUCP: ) TIN
-9.22) ANN
amigaUUCP: ) ANN
-9.22) WPL
amigaUUCP: ) WPL
-9.23) AmigaMail
amigaUUCP: ) AmigaMail
-9.24) UUFS
amigaUUCP: ) UUFS
-9.25) mpack/munpack
amigaUUCP: ) mpack/munpack
-9.26) SmailAmiga (V2.5)
amigaUUCP: ) SmailAmiga (V2.5)
-9.27) Monalisa (1.0a)
amigaUUCP: ) Monalisa (1.0a)
-9.28) FIFO library
amigaUUCP: ) FIFO library
-10.0) How To Get UUCP Stuff
amigaUUCP: 10.0) How To Get UUCP Stuff
-11.0) BBS Software Supporting UUCP
amigaUUCP: 11.0) BBS Software Supporting UUCP
-12.0) Other UUCP Implementations For Amigaos.
amigaUUCP: 12.0) Other UUCP Implementations For Amigaos.

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