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PE and EIT Exams FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about PE and EIT Exams.

This FAQ about PE and EIT Exams was compiled and written by Ron Graham ecaxron@ariel.lerc.nasa.gov with numerous contributions by others.

Disclaimers: you may use this document as you wish IF

(1) You include the authors' names to preserve their intellectual ownership. (2) You don't try to sell it or otherwise use it to make a profit. Just don't pass it off as your own, OK? :-) (3) You feel free to submit suggestions for additions or changes to the maintainer. To do so gets your name on the list of Authors below.


Ron Bean nicmad!madnix!zaphod%astroatc.UUCP@cs.wisc.edu John Beaudry jbeaudry@metronet.com Stan Bischof stanb@hpnmrsb2.sr.hp.com Henry Black nrhblack@datatamers.com Timothy M. Chu tmchu@csupomona.edu Dave Forrest forrest@rsoc.rockwell.com Ron Graham ecaxron@ariel.lerc.nasa.gov (editor and FAQ-keeper) Brian Gross briang@sad.hp.com Lisa Henn lisa@msn.fullfeed.com Gary Krauch g.krauch@ieee.org Elaine Lindelef eel@alumni.caltech.edu Rita M. Lumos ritaml@ix.netcom.com Joseph Melrose melrose@amsaa-cleo.brl.mil Michael D. Miles mdmiles@teleport.com Andrew Moskalik ajmosk@engin.umich.edu Tony Mullins jamull@ward.che.utexas.edu Chris Pikus cjp@megatek.com (this address may have changed) Dave Russell dlr@mindspring.com A. E. Siegman siegman@ee.stanford.edu Richard Suhar richard.suhar@online.sme.org Alex Tessier atessier@dres.dnd.ca A. W. Utay b18890@vaxb.phx1.aro.allied.com (also may be changed) Wallace Venable venable@faculty.coe.wvu.edu

-01 Definition of PE/EIT and their Exams
Legend (PE and EIT Exams)...
-02 Does an engineer have to have a PE to practice?
The following people must have a PE license to practice [Mullins]:...
-03 How is private practice different than working in industry? (PE and EIT Exams)
Since you cannot advertise your services as an engineer without ...
-04 What else does professional certification qualify me for? (PE and EIT Exams)
o Expert witnesses: a PE can offer expert opinion as to ...
-05 Why don't all engineers get certified?
Because of the industrial exemption is the technical answer, ...
-06 If the industrial exemption means I may not need certification, what advantage is there to my getting it anyway?
Here are some things that certification *may* do to help you:...
-07 What might I expect on a PE exam or an EIT?
Here is an example of an EIT in EE, contributed by Pikus on 06/22/94....
-08 What are the biggest problems with the certification system?
Loaded question. This is the one that brings up the thread in ...
-09 Any other related suggestions? (PE and EIT Exams)
o Make sure you have an apprenticeship or cooperative education ...
-10 New developments [Gross] (PE and EIT Exams)
The California (USA) Board of Registration for Professional ...
-11 The way the law reads today [Gross, Black] (LONG) (PE and EIT Exams)
The current law makes distinctions between registered and ...

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