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Supermodels FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about supermodel listing/bios, fashion magazine information.

This FAQ about upermodel listing/bios, fashion magazine information was compiled and written by graham graham@shell.portal.com with numerous contributions by others.

-01 SuperModels: A
Alexander, ...
-02 SuperModels: B
-03 SuperModels: C
-04 SuperModels: D
-05 SuperModels: E
-06 SuperModels: F
-07 SuperModels: G
-08 SuperModels: H
-09 SuperModels: I
-10 SuperModels: J
-11 SuperModels: K
Katchutka (sp?)...
-12 SuperModels: L
Lanza, Susan (Suzanne?)...
-13 SuperModels: M
MacDowell, ...
-14 SuperModels: N-O
-15 SuperModels: P
Pantaeva, Irina (E-REEN-ah)...
-16 SuperModels: Q, R
-17 SuperModels: S
-18 SuperModels: T
-19 SuperModels: V
Valasquez, ...
-20 SuperModels: W
Wal, Frederique Van ...
-21 SuperModels: Y-Z
-22 What is a supermodel?
This is a major point of discussion in this group. Some ...
-23 Why are all (or most) supermodels tall and thin?
There are variations, but most models are about the same size,...
-24 Who's the model in ...?
Who's the woman in the Meatloaf video?...
-25 What are better terms for all those models? ie. a taxonomy of model ranking.
(excerpted from pins&needles in Harper's Bazaar by Woody Hochswender)...
-26 Addresses (Supermodels): part1
Allure ...
-27 Addresses (Supermodels): part2
PHOTO (french)...
-28 Sources of additional movie appearance information (Supermodels)
A lot of information about model's movie appearances is ...
-29 How to download and view the pictures (Supermodels)
Read the FAQ for alt.binaries.pictures.d. If your site doesn't ...
-30 Where to get pictures of supermodels on the net (Supermodels)
Picture files can be obtained over the internet using ftp, fsp, ...
-31 Standard for posting pictures (Supermodels)
Again, read Jim Howard's FAQ for alt.binaries.pictures.d He ...
-32 Where to get the latest version of this FAQ (Supermodels)
Latest version will be posted to alt.supermodels, alt.answers, ...
-33 How to contribute if you don't have usenet posting access (alt.supermodels)
A mail->news (but not back again) gateway for alt....
-34 History and purpose of alt.supermodels and this FAQ
alt.supermodels was created (at louie.udel.edu anyway) on 30 July 92,...
-35 Credits (alt.supermodels)
Many people contributed directly or indirectly to this FAQ. ...
-36 Disclaimer and Copyrights (alt.supermodels)
My internet service providers are not in any way related to this document....

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