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X-Men Comic Books FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about X-Men comic books

This FAQ about X-Men Comic Books was compiled and written by Kate the Short (racmx@yahoo.com) with numerous contributions by others.

-01 Purpose/Intro
-02 The current list of X-Titles and Teams (+)
-03 Hints for picking up back issues and older storylines
-04 X-Books Philosophical Meanderings and Inspirations
-05 What is a mutant?
-06 Can you explain Paul O'Brien's review grading system?
-07 Why do all these annoying dinos keep on complaining about the X-titles here? If they don't like the books, why do they read them?
-08 What is this Kid Dynamo thing? Where can I find it?
-09 Where can I get scans of comic art? Why doesn't anybody post pictures on the newsgroup?
-10 Commonly Used Abbreviations And Terms
-11 Other Racmxers Who May Be Of Assistance
-12 A Brief History Of The X-Teams And X-Titles
-13 History: The 1960s and 1970s
-14 History: The 1980s: An explosion of new titles
-15 History: The 1990s: Claremont's exit, mega-crossovers
-16 History: 2000 and beyond
-17 Who were the original X-Men? Who was the first X-Man? Who have been X-Men?
-18 How come Professor X has so much money?
-19 What classes does the Professor offer at his schools, anyway?
-20 Wasn't there a title released in 1963 about a team of super-powered misfits who banded together under some smart guy in a wheelchair to fight against prejudice and the right to just be yourself ... by DC Comics?
-21 When did Professor X start walking? Isn't he supposed to be in a wheelchair?
-22 Are there any gay X-Men?
-23 Why do people hate the X-Men when they love the Avengers and the Fantastic Four?
-24 Why can't Cyclops just wear contact lenses?
-25 Why doesn't Forge invent something that would neutralize powers so mutants like Cyclops and Rogue can live normal lives? And how can Rogue cut her hair, if she's invulnerable?
-26 Did Psylocke dye her hair? What about Rogue's stripe?
-27 I've got an idea! Why don't Rogue and Gambit just use Leech so they can have sex? Have they already had sex?
-28 Is Rogue's inability to control her powers psychological in nature?
-29 Why does Rogue have claws? When did that happen?
-30 Was Rogue raped by the guards in the first Genosha storyline?
-31 What is the relationship between Mystique and Nightcrawler? Why is Rogue involved in it, if she isn't blue?
-32 Why do so many people hate Scott Summers?
-33 How many Summerses are there, anyways?
-34 What's the relationship between the Phoenix, Jean Grey, Madelyne Pryor, and Rachel Summers?
-35 What's the relationship between Cable, Stryfe, Ahab, and Nate Grey?
-36 How old is Kitty Pryde? Jubilee? The rest of the X-Men?
-37 What are the names and ages of the Guthrie siblings? How many of them are mutants?
-38 What happened to the New Mutants and X-Force kids?
-39 What happened to Excalibur?
-40 What happened to X-Factor?
-41 What happened to Generation X?
-42 What about everyone else?
-43 Is Magneto Jewish or Gypsy? Was Joseph Magneto?
-44 What is the Hellfire Club? Who are its members?
-45 What is the relationship between Wolverine and Sabretooth supposed to be?
-46 Does Wolverine have any real memories, anyway? How about real bones?
-47 Who was Wolverine before he was Wolverine? Does he even have a real name?
-48 Wolverine can regularly regenerate himself from a drop of blood, right?
-49 Which X-Men haven't been mutants?
-50 What is the Siege Perilous?
-51 Why did the X-Men lose their invisibility to electronic scanners?
-52 Psylocke, Revanche, Kwannon, Betsy Braddock ... help?
-53 When did Psylocke and Phoenix switch powers? Wasn't Psylocke telepathically holding the Shadow King captive?
-54 When did the Beast turn blue and furry? Wasn't he unfurry again for a while? When did he become a lion?
-55 How come other mutants seem to be changing their powers and appearances?
-56 Is Longshot Shatterstar's father?
-57 There's an External at my door. What does that mean? Should I be concerned? Is it contagious?
-58 Who are the Twelve? Why are they important?
-59 Is Apocalypse dead?
-60 What is the Legacy Virus? Who's had it? Hasn't there been a cure for a while?
-61 What is the Soulsword? Who has Magik's Soulsword now?
-62 Is the Malice who worked with the Marauders the same one that appears in the Fantastic Four now and then?
-63 Do you lose your mutant powers in the Savage Land? Where is the Savage Land, anyway?
-64 What happens when the Blob meets the Juggernaut?
-65 Why did Chris Claremont leave the X-titles? Why did Peter David leave X-Factor?
-66 Are any Marvel staff reading racmx?
-67 What's a dangler? Is it related to a six month gap?
-68 What's a Claremontism?
-69 How is X-Men: The Movie different from the comics?
-70 What cameos are there in X-Men: The Movie?
-71 What's new in X-Men 2?
-72 What other movies or cartoons are there?
-73 History Of This FAQ
-74 Credits

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