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Sea Kayaking FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Sea Kayaking

This FAQ about was compiled and written by Todd Leigh with numerous contributions by others.

Copyright 2000, Todd Leigh. Copyright applies to compilation and sections where another author is not noted. Authors where noted retain their copyrights. Rights granted to copy as desired for non-profit activities. All other rights reserved.

Usually, questions, comments, criticisms, and other good advices are happily accepted.

None of the information in this FAQ will make you a good kayaker. None of it is guaranteed to be correct, and much of it is subject to opinion. Take it for what you paid for it.

-01 What is the best boat?
-02 Should I start in a 'beginner' boat, or should I buy an 'expert' boat and hope I can 'grow' into it?
-03 Should I get plastic, fiberglass, wood, fabric or something more exotic?
-04 How should the boat fit?
-05 How should the boat be rigged?
-06 How big of a boat do I need?
-07 Should I get a single or double?
-08 What kind of hatches should I get?
-09 Will I have enough cargo space?
-10 Do I need a rudder?
-11 How much of a consideration is the weight of the boat?
-12 How important is the durability of the boat's construction?
-13 How much should I spend on a boat? (USA prices)
-14 What should I look for when I'm trying a boat out?
-15 How do I learn to kayak?
-16 Am I ready to go kayaking on my own?
-17 Equipment
-18 How do I build a kayak?
-19 Where can I get a Strip Built kit to build a kayak?
-20 Where can I get a Stitch and Glue kit to build a kayak?
-21 Where can I get a Frame and Skin kit to build a kayak?
-22 Where can I get other kits to build a kayak?
-23 Folding Kayaks
-24 Is a folding kayak a sea kayak?
-25 Should you consider a folding kayak only if you require its foldability feature?
-26 How do folding kayaks compare in efficiency, performance, and speed with hardshell boats?
-27 Are folding kayaks delicate or damage-prone?
-28 Do they cost more than hardshells?
-29 What are the best materials for the frame and skin in a folding kayak?
-30 Is assembly of folding kayaks difficult? How long does it take?
-31 Can I take a kayak on an airplane?
-32 What does this mean for air travelers with folding kayaks?
-33 Where do I get more information on foldables?
-34 What is hypothermia?
-35 How can one tell if somebody is hypothermic?
-36 Am I hypothermic if I am shivering and/or my hands/feet are cold?
-37 How is hypothermia treated?
-38 What is the best defense against hypothermia?
-39 What is vertigo?
-40 What is cold shock?
-41 Is this information meant to scare me away from cold water?
-42 History
-43 What does kayak mean?
-44 What does baidarka mean?
-45 What is an umiak?
-46 Did all native kayaking groups use the two bladed paddle?
-47 Did all native kayakers know how to roll?
-48 How were kayaks made?
-49 What is the difference between a modern kayak and a traditional kayak?
-50 Where did the native kayakers live?
-51 Were all the boat designs the same?
-52 What did they wear?
-53 What animals were hunted?
-54 How did they get the animals back to the village?
-55 What hunting tools were used?
-56 Was kayak hunting dangerous?
-57 What happened to the kayaking cultures?
-58 What is the history of the development of the modern kayaks?
-59 Controversial Topics
-60 Rudders
-61 Rolling
-62 British boat mystique
-63 References: Books
-64 References: Magazines
-65 References: Videos
-66 Associations
-67 Clubs
-68 Manufacturers
-69 Outfitters
-70 Shops
-71 Places to Paddle

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