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Kurt Vonnegut FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Kurt Vonnegut.

This FAQ about Kurt Vonnegut was compiled and written by George A Cooley geocool@blarg.net with numerous contributions by others.

Copyright (c) 1995 by George A. Cooley and Glenn Kurtzrock, 1996 by George A. Cooley. All rights reserved. This document may be freely distributed in its entirety provided this copyright notice is not removed. It may not be sold for profit or incorporated in commercial products without the authors' written permission.


Yotsui Shirou has made a Japanese translation of this FAQ, it can be found at http://osf1.kuec.kyoto-u.ac.jp/~lzg2236. Thanks, Shirou!


Thanks to everyone who contributed big chunks of information that appears here. They are:

John Dinsmore (dinsmorej@uky.campus.mci.net),
William J. Herbst (wjh3578@is2.nyu.edu),
Chris A. Hall (chall@sutro.SFSU.EDU),
Jeff Rhodes (ir002222@interramp.com),
Mic Platt (mic@darkwing.uoregon.edu),
Ben Colmery (barb.colmery@umich.edu),
Peter Wieriks (peterwie@knoware.nl),
Kevin Brophy (kevinb@drk.com),
Bob Weide,
The Yello Jacket (yellojkt@ix.netcom.com),
Corddry (corddry@aol.com) :-) ,
but especially thanks to Glenn, who had the motivation and skill needed to make this FAQ a reality.

-1. Who is Kurt Vonnegut?
Kurt Vonnegut was born on Armistice Day (November 11, 1922 - ...
-2. What has he written? (Kurt Vonnegut)
Here, in chronological order, is a complete bibliography of Vonnegut'...
-3. How can I write to Kurt Vonnegut?
I'm told he can be reached at this address:...
-4. Is Kurt Vonnegut on the net? Does he read this newsgroup?
Perhaps in keeping with his take on technology as presented in ...
-5. What about Kurt Vonnegut's uncollected short stories?
Vonnegut has written many many short stories for a wide variety ...
-6. Who wrote "Venus on the Half-Shell"?
This has been by far the most frequently asked question of the newsgroup....
-7. Can someone tell me where to find "Canary in a Cathouse"?
Well, the short answer is lots of luck. Though listed under by ...
-8. Where can I find Hal Irwin's Magic Lamp? (Or "But I've just gotto read everything Kurt Vonnegut's ever written!")
Well, if you can't find Canary in a Cat House (see #7 above -- lots ...
-9. Who is Kilgore Trout?
Kilgore Trout is perhaps Vonnegut's fictional alter ego. He is ...
-10. Can you name any resources for finding rare and used KurtVonnegut books?
There is one who posts to this newsgroup from time to time. He is:...
-11. Didn't Kurt Vonnegut write a story using the name "Kilgore Trout"as a pseudonym?
No. See question #5, Who wrote 'Venus on the Half-Shell'?...
-12. What is "Timequake"? (Kurt Vonnegut)
This is still a work in progress that is supposed to be Vonnegut's ...
-13. What is "The Eden Express"?
Kurt's son Mark Vonnegut wrote a book, The Eden Express, about ...
-14. What books have been written about Kurt Vonnegut?
Here's a list of some of them, courtesy of Mic ...
-15. Have any bands been influenced by Kurt Vonnegut's writing?
Yes. Plenty of them. We keep getting posts to the group about ...
-16. Where's the "flying fuck" quote from?
A favorite quote among at least a faction of the newsgroup readership,...
-17. Have any movies been made from his books? (Kurt Vonnegut)
Perhaps the best one (according to almost everyone including Kurt) ...
-18. Isn't there a new movie coming out based on "Mother Night"?
Yes! It's true! It is distributed by Fine Line Features, and ...
-19. Has Kurt Vonnegut been in any movies?
He appears for approximately five seconds in Back To School ...
-20. Are there any web sites about Kurt Vonnegut?
Boy, are we glad you asked! Check them out:...
-21. What has been the funniest post to a.b.k-v to date?
Well, IMHO, it was this one, from Corddry (corddry@aol.com):...

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