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Magic FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Magic

This FAQ about Magic was compiled and written by Paul Nielsen nielsen@vulture.eecs.umich.edu with numerous contributions by others.

-01 What is the purpose of alt.magic group?
alt.magic is a public newsgroup with an estimated readership of 41,000+...
-02 Why not alt.conjuring, alt.prestidigitation, or alt.magic.tricks?
Because escape artists are magicians who don't partake in conjuring....
-03 What topics should -not- be discussed in this group?
Since this is a public forum some of us would prefer not to ...
-04 What topics should be discussed in this group?
All the other aspects of magic. For example,...
-05 What other sources are available on-line to find out more about magic?
A1) Many of the subscribers to this list are willing to further ...
-06 How I get into the Magic Castle to see a show ?
The Magic Castle is for members only and their guests. ...
-07 Is there a possibility this news group could be altered in some way so that people wouldn't accidently keep posting things that belong in alt.magicK?
It is easiest to just ignore these articles. Many newsreaders have ...
-08 Hasn't it been proven that most of magicK is actually magic?
Many magicians have become involved in debunking charlatans who claim ...
-09 Can experienced magicians give some tips on how to read a magic catalog? How can we spot tricks that are over advertised?
It's amazing what people will say for money. The trouble is that you'...
-10 Do you believe that it is detrimental to the art of magic to post "insider" information pertaining to the methods used to achieve a magical effect?
POLLING RESULTS: compiled by Hans Masing.(HCM100@PSUVM.psu.edu)...
-11 What is the best kind of magic? Who is the best magician?
As in every other area of human endeavor, those with personality ...
-12 What advice to successful magicians have for aspiring magicians?
-13 Magical Events
Send your list of ongoing magical events including: brief description,...
-14 Clubs for magic:
Comedy and ...
-15 Magic Theatre:
-16 Magic In Atlantic City:
-17 Magic In the Bahamas:
Carnival's Crystal ...
-18 Magic In Las Vegas:
The Las Vegas magicians' round table is held on Wednesday nights. ...
-19 Magic Organizations
The following organizations exist to promote magic and further ...
-20 Electronic Magic
There are a hundreds (thousands) of magic related Web sites and most ...
-21 Bibliography Of Books On Magic
Bibliography of Books on ...
-22 Magic Books: General A-E
-23 Magic Books: General F-K
Fox, Karrell ...
-24 Magic Books: General M-W
Marlo, Edward M. I. N. T. ...
-25 Magic Books: Performance and Philosophy
-26 Magic Books: For the Beginner
-27 Magic Books: Card Magic A-F
-28 Magic Books: For the Beginner G-H
Ganson, Lewis Inner Secrets of Card Magic ...
-29 Magic Books: For the Beginner J-L
Jay, Ricky Cards as ...
-30 Magic Books: For the Beginner M-O
MacDougall, Michael Card Mastery ...
-31 Magic Books: For the Beginner R-T
Racherbaumer, John The Wild Card Kit: A Modular Experiment ...
-32 Magic Books: Coin Magic
Andrus, Jerry Five Dollar Tricks ...
-33 Magic Books: Card & Coin Combinations
-34 Magic Books: Mentalism
-35 Magic Books: Other Magic A-P
-36 Magic Books: Other Magic R-Z
[MK] I guess there are actual tricks in here, but its mostly ...
-37 Magic Books: History/Reference
-38 Magic Books: Business Issues in Magic
-39 Magic Books: Performing for Children
-40 Magazines On Magic
The following list of magic magazines is from contributions from ...
-41 Magazines On Magic: General Magic
-42 Magazines: New Age, Bizarre Magic, Mentalism, Occult, Tarot,Crystals, etc
-43 Magazines On Magic: Magazine for Collectors
Aphelion Thomas A. Sawyer 521 S. Lyon St., No. 105 Santa Ana, CA ...
-44 Magazines On Magic: Magic Clubs
Linking Ring (monthly magazine)...
-45 Magazines On Magic: Special Interests
Rubber Chicken ...
-46 Videos On Magic
The following is a list of video tapes on magic. The intent is to ...
-47 Videos On Magic 2
5. Coin
-48 Videos On Magic 3
8. Other
-49 List Of Magic Dealers A
-50 List Of Magic Dealers B
-51 List Of Magic Dealers C
C & C Magic and Special Effects Company Inc....
-52 List Of Magic Dealers D
D. Robbins & Company, Inc....
-53 List Of Magic Dealers E
-54 List Of Magic Dealers F
-55 List Of Magic Dealers G
-56 List Of Magic Dealers H
H and R Magic ...
-57 List Of Magic Dealers I
Ickle Pickle ...
-58 List Of Magic Dealers J
Jeff Busby Magic Inc....
-59 List Of Magic Dealers K
Kardwell International, Inc....
-60 List Of Magic Dealers L
L & L
-61 List Of Magic Dealers M
Magic 4
-62 List Of Magic Dealers N
Nielsen Magic ...
-63 List Of Magic Dealers O
-64 List Of Magic Dealers P
P & A
-65 List Of Magic Dealers Q
-66 List Of Magic Dealers R
Rabbit In The Hat ...
-67 List Of Magic Dealers S
SASCO, Inc....
-68 List Of Magic Dealers T
-69 List Of Magic Dealers U
-70 List Of Magic Dealers W
Wheeler-Tanner ...
-71 List Of Magic Dealers Z
Zauber -
-72 List Of Magic Dealers: Switzerland
The following is a list of dealers in ...
-73 List Of Magic Dealers: Netherlands and Belgium
The following is a list of Dealers in the Netherlands and ...

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