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Beer FAQ

This document contains answers to frequently asked questions and other informative data about beer. It also contains pointers to other reference material and archives for further research.

This FAQ about beer was compiled and written by John Lock with numerous contributions by others.

Copyright (C) 1994-97 by John A. Lock. All rights reserved. This document may be freely distributed in its entirety provided this copyright notice is not removed. It may not be sold for profit nor incorporated in commmercial products without the author's written permission.

-1-1. What is beer?
-1-2. What are ales?
-1-3. What are lagers?
-1-4. How are they different?
-1-5. What are lambics?
-1-6. What is "bock" beer?
-1-7. What is "porter"?
-1-8. What are "dry" beers?
-1-9. What are "ice" beers?
-1-10. What are "cold-filtered", and "heat pasteurized" beers?
-1-11. What is "draught" (draft) beer?
-1-12. How is specific gravity related to beer?
-1-13. What does "Dubbel" mean on a beer label?
-2-1. How is alcohol strength measured?
-2-2. Why is beer stronger in Canada than the U.S.?
-2-3. How are "ale", "malt liquor", and "barleywine" related tostrength?
-2-4. What is the Reinheitsgebot?
-2-5. What about the new "Draught-flow" (tm) system (AKA the"widget" or "smoothifier")?
-2-6. What is "Real Ale"?
-2-7. What is CAMRA?
-2-8. What are the categories of brewers/breweries?
-2-9. What is a brewpub?
-3-1. How do I judge a beer?
-3-2. What is good/bad/skunked/spoiled beer?
-3-3. How should I store beer?
-3-4. How long does beer keep?
-3-5. Is beer considered a vegetarian/kosher/organic product?
-4-1. What is Zima and/or clear beer?
-4-2. What do the different Chimay packages/colors mean?
-4-3. What does the "33" mean on the bottles of Rolling Rock?
-4-4. Does Coors support Nazi organizations?
-4-5. Can I make my own beer....is it legal?
-4-6. How do I make it?
-4-7. WIMLIACLDAB? BTABFCTW! What was that?
-4-8. Is Guinness good for you?
-4-9. Where is Sam Adams beer made?
-4-10. Why does American beer suck?
-5-1. Were can I get more beer info and tasting tips?
-5-2. Where can I get good beer?
-5-3. I'm going to "some city", what brewpubs/bars are good?
-5-4. Can I get beer in the mail?
-5-5. Where can I get details on making my own?
-5-6. Where can I get recipes?
-5-7. What is r.f.d.b. about?
-5-8. Where are the archives?
-5-9. What is in the archives?
-5-10. I don't have ftp, can you e-mail files to me?

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