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Neapolitan Mastiffs Breed FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Neapolitan Mastiffs Breed

This FAQ about Neapolitan Mastiffs Breed was compiled and written by breder@neapolitan.com (Barry Reder).

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This article is Copyright 1997 by Barry Reder. It may be freely distributed on the Internet in its entirety without alteration provided that this copyright notice is not removed. It may NOT reside at another website (use links, please) other than the URL listed above without the permission of the Author(s). This article may not be sold for profit nor incorporated in other documents without he Author(s)'s permission and is provided "as is" without express or implied warranty.

-01 Neapolitan Mastiff History
-02 Neapolitan Mastiff History in the United States
-03 Neapolitan Mastiff Characteristics and Temperament
-04 Neapolitan Mastiff Health
-05 Are Neapolitan Mastiffs good with children?
Most Neapolitan Mastiffs are good with the children they know ...
-06 Do Neapolitan Mastiffs drool?
Yes, but not all the time. The worst times are when the drink, eat,...
-07 Do Neapolitan Mastiffs require a lot of excersize?
No they do not. In fact as adults they prefer to lounge around ...
-08 Do Neapolitan Mastiffs like the outdoors?
Neapolitan Mastiffs love the outdoors and will enjoy it year round....
-09 How much do Neapolitan Mastiffs eat?
The adult Neapolitan Mastiff can consume up to a gallon of food a day....
-10 Do Neapolitan Mastiffs shed?
They have short hair and actualy shed very little. The spring ...
-11 Are Neapolitan Mastiffs AKC recognised?
No they are not fully recognised. They are recognised by almost ...
-12 When do Neapolitan Mastiffs grow up?
Neapolitan Mastiffs are not completely mature until about 3 years ...
-13 How long do Neapolitan Mastiffs live?
Like most giant breeds their life is not a long one. Eight to ...
-14 How Much Do Neapolitan Mastiffs Cost?
Well, quite frankly, a lot. Neapolitan Mastiffs tend to be ...
-15 Is there a rescue organization for Neapolitan Mastiffs ?
Contact the USNMC rescue/placement ...
-16 Neapolitan Mastiffs Resources

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