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Dance FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about practically all dance forms and issues, in particular pertaining to their discussion on the net. This should be read be anyone wishing to post on rec.arts.dance.

This FAQ about dance was compiled and written by eijkhout@jacobi.math.ucla.edu (Victor Eijkhout) with numerous contributions by others.

This FAQ copyright 1995 Victor Eijkhout . Individual portions may be copyright of their contributors. You may make copies for private use in any form, but reproduction in any means, including book or CDROM, is not allowed without permission from the copyright holder.

-1.1 Very general info about this document
-1.2 About this document, and others like it.
-2.1 What is this group all about?
-2.2 What kind of folks are here?
-2.3 I'm just a beginner. Should I shut up and just listen?
-2.4 Are there guidelines for posting?
-2.5 I want to announce an event!
-2.6 Who deletes messages after I've read them?
-2.7 Subscribe me to your organisation, and send me all your information!
-2.8 Does anyone archive this group?
-2.9 So much stuff! Is there a 'best of' this group?
-2.10 What are all these off-topic discussions doing here?
-2.11 Why are there all these posts about types of dance I'm not interested in? Why don't we have separate newsgroups?
-2.12 I have this neat scanned cartoon. Want me to post it?
-3.1 What other dance-related newsgroups exist?
-3.2 Is there dancing on the World Wide Web?
-3.3.1 Mailing List: Ballroom
-3.3.1 Mailing List: Country Western Dance (excluding line dancing)
-3.3.1 Mailing List: Country Western Line Dancing
-3.3.1 Mailing List: Lindy Hop
-3.3.1 Mailing List: Tango
-3.3.1 Mailing List: Folk and traditional
-3.3.1 Mailing List: Folk-dancing
-3.3.1 Mailing List: Morris
-3.3.1 Mailing List: Renaissance dance
-3.3.1 Mailing List: Strathspey
-3.3.1 Mailing List: Dance and Technology
-3.3.1 Mailing List: Physical Education
-3.3.1 Mailing List: UK-DANCE
-3.3.1 Mailing List: Ballet-modern
-3.3.1 Mailing List: Tap and jazz
-3.3.1 Mailing List: Flamenco
-3.3.1 Mailing List: Mediterranean-dance (including Belly Dancing)
-3.3.1 Mailing List: More information about using the Majordomo lists: cw-dance tap-jazz ballet-modern med-dance flamenco
-3.4 Where do I find specific danceforms?
-3.5 Are there forums on Compuserve and AOL?
-3.6 Does anyone have dance-related clip art for me?
-3.7 Does anyone have line dance steps for me?
-3.8 What dance organisations and celebrities are on line?
-4.1 I'll soon be in XYZ. How do I find where to go dancing?
-4.2 Where do I find dance music?
-4.3 Where can I buy dance supplies?
-4.4 How can I learn more about dance? Books? Videos?
-4.5 I want to put a dance floor in my house! Any tips?
-4.6 Dance notation and software
-4.7 How can I keep up with what's happening?
-4.8 When and where does Championship Ballroom Dancing air?
-4.9 Is dancing good for my health?
-4.10 What can be done about perspiration?
-0. Suppliers of Dancewear
Most of these names and addresses were originally drawn from ads. Whole-...
-1. Dancewear: United States: East of the Mississippi
(Also includes a few vendors with telephone number only.)...
-2. Dancewear: United States: West of the Mississippi
-3. Dancewear: Canada
-4. Dancewear: Outside U. S. (now mostly England & Germany)

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