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Breastfeeding Past the First Year FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Breastfeeding Past the First Year

This FAQ about Breastfeeding Past the First Year was compiled and written by Kim Smith with numerous contributions by others.

-A. How long did you (or do you plan to) breastfeed your child?
-B. After the first year, how frequently did you nurse? Were you on a regular schedule, or not?
-C. After the first year, did you nurse on demand, whenever the child requested, or only when you wanted to?
1. A combination really....if I wasn't keen, I used to distract, or ...
-D. When did you stop, and why? Was it your initiative, or the child's? If the child inititiated cutting back, how did this happen? If you initiated weaning, how did you satisfy the child's emotional needs?
1. Well, The first two children weaned themselves at about 1 year...it ...
-E. About breastfeeding moms: When did your period return? How long were you able to go without feeding (eg on a trip away from the baby) without problems?
1. Mine returned after 9 or 10 months......I didn't leave them while I ...
-F. In what ways do you feel that you and/or your child have benefitted from long-term breastfeeding? Why would you encourage someone to continue past the first year?
-G. How has breastfeeding affected you (the mother) physically? (eg, side effects, weight gain or loss, increased or decreased appetite, energy level, sex drive, etc.)
2. Well, I've worn a G or H cup for the last five and a half years, does ...
-H. Anything else I left out?
1. I feel it is very worthwhile, it makes the passage from babyhood ...
-Appendix A: NURSING LOG AND SUMMARY from Laura Dolson
-Nursing Conversation
This is a file in response to a question I asked when Emily was 20-...
-I. Do you have any experience with nursing while pregnant or tandem nursing? Is it really feasible? How did you manage to nurse two (or more!) children at a time? What kind of schedule was the older child on? Any advice for someone considering it?
-II. Did you use a code word for nursing? If so, what was it and who started using it first, you or the child? At what age? If not, did you wish you did?
Michelle Mauldin :...
-Had anyone pumped milk past the first birthday, or have any information about the benefits of doing so? How could I deal with my olympic freestyle nurser?
I got (as usual, because this is such a great group of people) lots ...
-Appendix D: On-line Resources
Lois Patterson (lois@helix.net) has started an email list for ...

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