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1.21 Are there any Conan FTP sites or World Wide Web Pages? (Conan O'Brien)


This article is from the Conan O'Brien FAQ, by Joseph Gebis j-gebis@uiuc.edu with numerous contributions by others.

1.21 Are there any Conan FTP sites or World Wide Web Pages? (Conan O'Brien)

There weren't a little while ago, but there are plenty now.

Joe Shaw (joeshaw@csgrad.cs.vt.edu) has recently opened up the first
official FTP site for "Late Night." It has pictures, the faq, episode
capsules, and other fun stuff. Comments or contributions should be
addressed to LNwCOB@joeshaw.bevc.blacksburg.va.us

The FTP address is:

joeshaw.bevc.blacksburg.va.us /pub/conan

There are also a plethora of Conan Web pages currently around. The
largest is Damone's (damone@ios.com) "Late Night With Conan and Merv." It
has all sorts of nifty stuff and links to all the other places. Its
address is:


NBC recently got its own web page up and running. It has a page for
"Late Night" in it as well. It contains factual information about the
show and the big three stars, as well as a number of pictures (different
from the ones at the NBC Online section on AOL). This web site is also
*very* graphically oriented (to the detriment of textual browsers). Its
address is:


Joe Shaw (joeshaw@csgrad.cs.vt.edu) has recently combined all of his
Conan material into one homepage. It contains his upcoming guest list,
the AOL pictures, and other links. Its address is:


Joseph Nebus (nebusj@rpi.edu) has a Web page up for the ConeCon. Its
address is:


He also has a "Conan Purity Test" Web page. Its address is:


Herbert Gambill (hgambill@rbdc.rbdc.com) has a Web page of his favorite
screen shots from the show. Its address is:


He also has started up a Conan Homepage ("Joyce Loves Conan") that has
the episode capsules, among other things. Its address is:


Scott Erickson (xkot@ix.netcom.com) has set up an Andy Richter page
entitled: "Andy Richter: King of the Couch." It has everything you'd ever
want to know about Andy in it. Its new address is:


"Brian Car" (briancar89@aol.com) has also set up an Andy homepage for
"The Andy Richter Fan Club." It can be found at:


Al Bell (allbell@vnet.net) has set up her own home page, "Al Bell's
Jar." In addition to having many Conan links, her expanding
fan-fiction story ("Terror at 30 Rock, or The Peacock Had Fangs") is
archived there, as well as the Conan Bibliography. Its address is:


The electronic magazine T@p Online has opened a big Conan section
("Conan-copia") in its TV section. It includes articles written by
Damone about all aspects of the show, as well as having the first weekly
column on Conan: The Conan-Phile. The old address is defunct and is not
being updated. Its correct, new address is:


Ervic Aquino (eaquino@sirius.com) has a Conan Picture Gallery Page.
Its address is:


Bob Williams (bobw@icontech.com) has set up his own Conan homepage. It
is a menagere of stuff, including links to other pages, a quotes section
from sketches, pictures, and other stuff. Its address is:


NBC Channel 4 Los Angeles (alcacbu@tvsknbc.nbc.com) has a page of
"Conan Quotables:" jokes from Conan's monolgues that week. The list is
updates regularly, and includes an archives of previous weeks. Its
address is:


Mike "Palomar" Morier (palomar@magic.mb.ca) has a Conan Hompepage.
It has links to other pages and Conan documents, plus two special
sections: The Andy Conveys An Emotion Page, and The Carl "Oldy" Olsen
Appreciation Page. Its address is:


Cindy Elder (cindye@lincnet.com) has a tv section on her "McElvis"
homepage. It contains a transcription of all the "Late Night PSA"
sketches. Its address is:


Mark Schuster (MB_Schuster@acad.fandm.edu) has set up a Pimpbot 5000
Homepage. It is dedicated to that bad-assed mix of 70's pimp and 50's
robot. Its address is:


Jonathan C (jc14249@navix.net) has also set up a Pimpbot
Homepage. It offers more pictures, sounds, and other stuff from the
sketches. Its address is:


Todd (twl@mail.wsu.edu) has a third Pimpbot Homepage. It also has
pictures, sounds, and links for his royal Pimpness. Its address is:


Martin has a homepage called "The Essential Conan." It has sections
on specific sketches, like Pimpbot, Johnson the Scientology Chicken, and
Synchro-vox. Its address is:


Brian Malmon (bkm6@columbia.edu) has a Max Weinberg homepage. It has
Max pictures, links, and games. Its address is:


Brad Randall (hapq40a@prodigy.com) has a Conan homepage. It has
original graphics, links, and other fun stuff. Its address is:


* Jim Ellwanger (trainman1@mindspring.com) has re-opened his list of
NBC affiliates who don't show Conan at his regular time. Its address is:


* Brooke Steffes (bsteffes@juno.com) also has opened a Conan homepage.
It contains the story of his trip to a taping, and other info and links.
Its address is:


There are also pages that just carry the Conan Faq. They are listed in
section 5.3.


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