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3-01. What Bee Gees on-line resources are available? part2


This article is from the Bee Gees FAQ, by David Garcia garc@compuserve.com with numerous contributions by others.

3-01. What Bee Gees on-line resources are available? part2


Kathy Gray has a lovely pictorial site here, with nice
reprints of magazine articles, pics of the Bee Gees, fans'
photos, contests, a collectors' corner (we will now pause to take
a breath), real audio files, up-to-date TV info, a VERY active
message board... essentially, we are talking about a Bee Gees
theme park in cyberspace. Visit it now, before Six Flags takes
it over!


Speaking of theme parks, how about a Bee Gees museum? Of
course, if it were up to me, we would just take over the
Guggenheim, dispense with all those needless oil paintings, and
start installing karaoke bars in the rotunda. I've been told
that this is impractical, for reasons that elude me presently, so
perhaps a museum on the Isle of Man -- the indisputable
birthplace of the Bee Gees -- would be suitable. Think so? Stop
by and share your thoughts with a few Manx fellows actively
pursuing the idea...


Every time I listen to the new Bee Gees single "Alone", I
remember how Sue Thompson blessed us all by providing .wav files
of audio excerpts months before the song's release in the USA.


Greg Luther first brought this site to my attention, "a web
site that has a few selected Bee Gees songs for guitar." And
he's right, it is. In the new_york_mining_disaster.crd file
Andrew Rogers explains how to play guitar chords like Barry does.
I must say, those minor chords look a tad challenging. And a
barre on the 10th fret for C major? Oy!

Other artists are here too, just click on "Parent Directory"
once or twice to view the list. As a failed guitar player, this
is just the sort of thing I've been looking for. Thanks, Greg!


Okay, you've got the cover to "Horizontal", and there's five
guys there. Now, which one is Vince Melouney, and which one is
Colin Peterson? Well, you may find GIFs of album covers
elsewhere, but THIS site tells you who is who, provides catalog
numbers and tells you about CD availability. Very good GIFs,
too! In fact, I was so impressed with this site that I decided
to help Ron "Mr. Philco" Ramirez scrounge up some more album
covers -- so now the site is bigger than ever. It's nice to
FINALLY have a place to send people looking for Bee Gees album
GIFs. Keep up the good work, Mr. Philco!


Well, we've been waiting for it, and now here it is: the Bee
Gees page on the web site of Polydor, their record label. Among
the features are a nice biography, although it curiously ends in
1977, tour dates (none available at the present time), and
excerpts from the Bee Gees Electronic Press Kit (6.9 Megs of
Quick Time Video. You may wish to go mow the lawn while
downloading...). Also features a 30 second clip from the "Alone"
video, and realaudio and .wav files of song excerpts from the
"Still Waters" album. All in all, enough to keep the file
download portion of your internet software busy for awhile. Make
space on your hard drive...


Alan Dail's site has a lot of text, and a sort of
down-to-business look to it that I find appealing. There are
links: links to the UK album chart, links to radio station
request lines, and links to the Internet Singles Chart voting
site (you HAVE voted, haven't you?). Check often for new radio


Diane Weidenkopf's Wind of Change site has nice newspaper
and magazine articles on the Bee Gees. Other goodies too! If
you're curious about Bee Gees bootlegs, for example, you can read
about them here. Not BUY them, mind you, but READ about them (of
course!). Great site!


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