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3-01. What Bee Gees on-line resources are available? part1


This article is from the Bee Gees FAQ, by David Garcia garc@compuserve.com with numerous contributions by others.

3-01. What Bee Gees on-line resources are available? part1

Well, the information age is providing a plethora of on-line
goodies to Bee Gees fans these days. Most of these are available
on the internet, a few others through subscriber-based on-line
services such as America On-Line and CompuServe. Here is a basic
overview of what you can expect to find...


If you want to read about the lastest goings on in the lives
of the brothers Gibb and their fans, here are some resources are
worth considering...

alt.music.bee-gees is a USENET newsgroup. Ask your internet
service provider how to access newsgroups if you're not familiar
with it. Like most USENET newsgroups, alt.music.bee-gees is not
moderated. This means that anyone can post whatever message they
wish, regardless of whether it's kind, truthful, or even remotely
related to the topic of the Bee Gees and their music. The
alt.music.bee-gees newsgroup has become a magnet for all sorts of
MAKE MONEY FA$T pyramid schemes and such these days, and could do
with more fan participation. Unfortunately, exposing your e-mail
address to a newsgroup such as alt.music.bee-gees can cause you
to end up with tons of bulk e-mail in your mailbox, simply
because the cyber-nitwits who send out such mailings harvest
e-mail addresses from USENET newsgroups. This is one of the
factors that has led to the much-decried "Decline and fall of
USENET" in general. All things considered, however,
alt.music.bee-gees is still a pretty good newsgroup.

Mailing lists are a fine alternative to spam-ridden
newsgroups, and there are two dedicated to the brothers Gibb,
their music, and careers (and occasionally drifting off into
topics of collectible Bee Gees lunchboxes, which Bee Gee has the
cutest... uhhh... "eyes," etc.)

The "Words" mailing list is a free e-mail subscriber service
that has over 600 dedicated fans, and a daily output of between
30-50k of subscribers posts from around the globe. To subscribe,
send an e-mail message to listserver@bg.wsii.com with a blank
subject line and the message:

subscribe words your@address.here

in the message body. Yes, that's right, where it says
your@address.here substitute your e-mail address.

A second mailing list, the "Spirits Having Flown" list, is
also a free e-mail subscriber service, presently available only
in digest form. To subscribe, send e-mail to
bee-gees-on@mail-list.com with the message:

subscribe your@address.here/YOUR NAME HERE

And, you got it, replace your@address.here with your e-mail
address, and replace YOUR NAME HERE with your real name.


On March 9th, 1997, the day before the UK release of "Still
Waters", the Bee Gees made their official debut on the World Wide
Web. The long awaited Official Bee Gees Web Experience, at


is also mentioned in the liner notes of the new CD. It is still
relatively new to the net, but already is coming to life with
biographical info, TV appearance schedules, and the official Bee
Gees e-mail address, beegees@beegees.net

This web site is growing rapidly, with appearance info,
links to other sites, and a few official answers to questions
raised in this FAQ as well!

Mind you, no one web site can subsitute for the efforts of
all fans. As Joe Brennan once observed, each fan does bring his
own particular perspective on the Bee Gees to his own site, and
in this sense each site, official or otherwise, is well worth
viewing. So it is that, in addition to the offical site
mentioned above, it is well worth paying a visit to the


This is Joe Brennan's web site, which goes into exhaustive
detail on pretty much every song the Bee Gees have ever recorded.
Encyclopaedic in scope, his web page makes you start to realize
just how little you knew about songs that never made it to the
record racks. Now it even includes a comprehensive list of songs
in alphabetical order! Great going, Joe!


A remarkable tribute to Andy Gibb, the only soloist to have
his first three singles hit number one -- this was no mere teen
idol. The Official Andy Gibb Home Page features a well-written
bio, album gifs, and information on the Andy Gibb Memorial


What IS that line in "Stayin' Alive", oh, YOU know, that
thing that goes "we can try to understand, the New
York .......... on man?" Look it up here, at Eddy's lyrics page.
You'll be surprised to discover how many songs you've been
mishearing all these years.


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