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10C.3 Bead Implants

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This article is from the Piercing FAQ, by Anne Greenblatt with numerous contributions by others.

10C.3 Bead Implants

The author writes: "Due to company restrictions on my account, I am
unable to give you my e-mail address, but will continue to monitor
this newsgroup."

A while ago on this news group I saw someone was asking about putting
pearls and such under the skin of the penis. I read about this
somewhere several years ago. This was a time when I had just done some
of my own piercings. I had done a PA along with a Hafada and a Frenum
(which didn't "take"), along with my left nipple. I had enjoyed all of
them, not necessarily the doing, but the having later. I also have two
tats. Those I didn't do myself tho.

I decided to try the implants. I had gone thru a knee surgery and had
some excellent pain pills left. I chose to use glass bead from a bead
shop instead of pearls. I went to my local crafts/bead shop and bought
some of the smallest black beads I could find. Actually the two
smallest sizes they had. I know I should have had them autoclaved, but
didn't. I boiled them forever in a microwave. I had heard that the
microwaves are good at disinfection. [This method of "sterilization"
is not recognized as adequate. -ed] I took two of the pain pills and
waited 30 minutes for them to take hold. Then secluded myself in the
bathroom. I have to admit, it is rather strange to cut into
yourself. But I managed. I found it rather difficult to cut the pocket
under the skin to hold the beads in. I remembered that I had some a
surgical suture package. Don't ask how I got ahold of that! I found
that one small suture to close the self inflicted wound did the job. I
used the smallest of the two bead sizes. I put two in. One on each
side, about an inch down from the glans ridge. It was an experience
that I'm not sure I want to repeat.

The afterwards part is the best. They healed nicely. In a week and a
half or so had sex for the first time. Wife didn't say anything! Did
she not feel it? In fact she didn't say anything til about another
week when she was stroking me that she asked. She's not sure if she
likes them or not. Very non-committal. Shes like that. I however do
enjoy them. I love the feel when I'm, stroking myself. Plus I feel
them when fucking. I never have felt the need for the larger bead
size. These I'm very happy with. And since I had gotten black ones,
the color shows thru the skin. If someone else is going to do this I
would suggest getting a more natural color maybe. This way someone
could say its just a mutation of some sort.

I have since gotten a dydoe piercing. This I had done professionally.
Now that one HURT!


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