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10C.4 Prince Albert with Intact Foreskin

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This article is from the Piercing FAQ, by Anne Greenblatt with numerous contributions by others.

10C.4 Prince Albert with Intact Foreskin

by Sean Corfield http://uptown.turnpike.net/~scorf

Well, I just got back from Into You, the proud owner of a 10ga 3/4"

Got to Into You about half an hour late and Mark had taken his 6pm
appointment early, but he was finished by five past so it was my turn
(I didn't recognise him without his bright orange hair -- too
attractive for wasps he said!). I signed the release form, picked a
ring (well, no...once I said I wanted a CBR he produced a 10ga 3/4"
and I just looked and said "er, yeah" :-) Paid up (20 GBP for the
pierce, 6.50 GBP for the ring).

Downstairs, I peel off and sit in the "dentist's" chair feeling a
little bit ridiculous but Mark chats away putting me at ease. I'm the
third PA in a row he's done, apparently. Teena, he says, is in Burma
and likely to stay there for a year or so. Then we chat about
Dunstable Tattoo Expo. He dons gloves and marks me up after confirming
that I 'hang to the right' -- 'yeah' he says 'that'll sit nicely in
there'. Change of gloves and he lays out the needle etc -- ulp, it
looks awfully big! 'Just relax and get yourself ready' he says 'you'll
just feel a little push' I look away at this point...SHIT! 'OK, just
putting the ring in...there, you're done!' I unclench my fingers from
the arms of the chair and look at the ring: WOW! And I only had to
suffer that short, sharp pain for this...yeah!!!!

Mark gets me a glass of water and a sucker and I dress and we chat
some more. I mention that I've still got my long tongue barbell
in. 'Want to change it now? No charge if the old one's not damaged'
So he gets a smaller 14ga barbell and swaps it over after some minor
trouble getting access to the lower thread: 'Stick your tongue out
straight' Unngh, says me... :-)

Yeah, it feels a lot better like that!

'Any idea what you'll get next?' Dunno... So we discuss some other
piercings and I leave thinking I might get a frenum next... Who said
the A-word?

So it's now about 4 hours since the pierce and, apart from some
bleeding when I took a shower, it's fine. No discomfort (just
fascination :-) and I've started the 'glass of warm salt water
routine'...now that really is something to make you feel ridiculous!!

To sum up then: I'd recommend Into You anyway having been there
before. Mark is great - his relaxed chatty manner really helps and he
seems to take care that the piercing is well-placed and you're going
to be happy with it. The PA is so much less painful than I expected
-- Mark actually said 'yeah, the guy comes up to stick a needle in
your dick and you're thinking...uh-oh, do I _really_ want to do this
and then...it's over and you _know_ it was the right decision!' and
I'd agree with that. Brilliant! It bled a bit for the first four or
five days and is still a little tender but I'm happy with the way it's
going. My only concern is that I'm uncircumcised and, since it isn't
entirely comfortable to keep the foreskin back all the time, I
generally have it covering the PA during the day and uncovered at
night. I'm soaking it in warm salt water fairly often and it seems to
be healing incredibly quickly!


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