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4]. Can anyone recommend some roots reggae? p1


This article is from the Reggae FAQ, by Mike Pawka eznoh@niceup.com with numerous contributions by others.

4]. Can anyone recommend some roots reggae? p1

I always recommend the samplers, that way you can choose what sounds
interesting and branch out from there. I highly recommend the Greensleeves,
Heartbeat, RAS, and Mango samplers, although there are many others.

EZ Noh, mike

From: mart@csa.bu.edu (borja larrumbide)
Newsgroups: rec.music.reggae
Subject: Re: New Groups, Any ideas?

If you like Steel Pulse you will definitely enjoy Aswad. They both sound very
alike, especially in albums like Aswad(live, Hulet,...).Try to avoid its most
recent stuff and check first its old albums. If you hear Bob Marley then you
should check Peter Tosh(Wanted Dread or Alive,...). Other groups I would
recommend would be Black Uhuru, Alpha Blondy(It been considered to follow the
trends of Bob Marley. Although that's a matter of opinion). Another choice
could be Burning Spear(live in Paris, Mek We Dweet,...). There are many more
and the list too long. I hope this helps!

Long live reggae!

From: fiddick@condor.ucsb.edu (Laurence Fiddick;)
Newsgroups: rec.music.reggae
Subject: Re: recommendations

here goes:

if it's on studio one buy it. in particular you might look for burning
spear's 'studio one presents' and 'rocking time', the heptones' 'on top',
the carlton and the shoes' lp--generally you can't go wrong with studio

not on studio one, look for:

augustus pablo 'original rockers'
augustus pablo 'king tubby meets rockers uptown'
augustus pablo 'east of the river nile'
culture 'two sevens clash'
culture 'harder than the rest'
culture 'cumbolo'
black uhuru 'red'
black uhuru 'showcase/guess who's coming to dinner'
linton kwesi johnson 'dread, beat an blood'
linton kwesi johnson 'making history'
dennis brown 'visions'
bob marley 'rasta revolution'
bob marley 'african herbsman'
count ossie and the mystic revelation of rastafari 'grounation'
burning spear 'marcus garvey'
burning spear 'social living'
hugh mundell 'africa must be free by 1983'
various 'wiser dread'

i'm sure others can add more to this list.

Newsgroups: rec.music.reggae
Subject: Re: recommendations

No self-respecting reggae fan should be without a few Lee Perry
albums (either ones that he's produced or recorded - or both)

Best ones include...

Heart of the Ark (Vols I and II)
Megaton Dub (Vols I and II)
Super Ape
Return of the Super Ape
George Faith - 'To be a Lover' (Lee Perry Produced)** highly

	Build the Ark	-|
	Open the Gate	-|--- All three are three-album boxed sets
	Upsetters	-|

(There's lots more, but these are the ones that you should investigate
first, especially the George Faith album. I do think, however, that
this album is now deleted [at least on vinyl], so the only place you
may come across it are in 2nd-hand record shops or record fares - but
it's a classic album which you *must* try and listen to. I got my copy
from a record fare a few years ago - for a paltry 3 pounds.)


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