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16]. What is RAW (Reggae Ambassadors Worldwide)?


This article is from the Reggae FAQ, by Mike Pawka eznoh@niceup.com with numerous contributions by others.

16]. What is RAW (Reggae Ambassadors Worldwide)?

What is Reggae Ambassadors Worldwide?

Reggae Ambassadors Worldwide (RAW) began with a seed planted in 1990 by
Inner Circle guitarist Roger Lewis. In a casual conversation he mentioned
that everywhere they performed they met a "Papa Pilgrim," that is, someone
familiar with local runnings and committed to the growth of Reggae music.
He suggested that we begin linking up and do some serious networking. In
the ensuing years Roger would again mention networking each time we met.

During the summer of '92 I had a chance contact with Rastaman Nane' of
Grand Rapids, Michigan. As we chatted I mentioned Roger's suggestions.
Nane's response was "Let's do it." When I put him off because I was "too
busy," he countered with "When I want to get something done I give it to
the busiest person." How could I refuse? Grand Rapids was selected as a
meeting place because of Nane's certainty that that city's Reggae
community would endorse such a gathering. Encouraged by Nane's
enthusiasm, support, and confidence, letters were written, phone calls
made, and off we went. As Nane' said, "Even if there are only two of us,
that's a start."

On December 11-13, 1992 more than fifty conferees representing the grass
roots of Reggae met in Grand Rapids to forge the beginning of an exciting
new direction for popularizing Reggae music. This meeting, which came to
be known as Conference '92, represented the fruition of that seed planted
by Roger Lewis. Our combined vision was that Reggae music, given the media
support it so richly deserves, would become as mainstream as rock, country
and other "Top 100" genres. Further, we wanted to actively contribute to
increasing the public's awareness of Reggae artists living both in and out
of Jamaica and to provide increased opportunities for unsigned performers.
Borrowing the concept from Third World's hit of the same name, Reggae
Ambassadors Worldwide was "born."

Performing artists, deejays, promoters, club owners, writers, label
representatives and others met and began forming a networking system aimed
at having Reggae music achieve 100% parity with other genres. With so many
facets of the business of Reggae coming together, we realized we were
doing something right and we were doing it with a sense of purpose,
commitment, optimism, and unity . The bottom line for each participant
seemed to be to "Forward the Reggae Vibe...Everytime!"

Conference '93 was again held in Grand Rapids August 13-15. More than one
hundred Ambassadors and other conferees shared visions, created ideas, and
networked. Foundations were laid for an album release and tour showcasing
member artists. Committees were formed to assist with various tasks and a
decision made to seek non-profit incorporation.

Conference '94, in Wichita, Kansas brought the grassroots of Reggae to
the Heartland of America. More RAW business was conducted along with a
whole heap of Networking.

Reggae Ambassadors Worldwide, the world's largest Reggae network, is
hosting Convention '95 in Las Vegas, Nevada August 25-27, 1995. This
year's theme is "Networking Works" and the focus will be on Education,
Entertainment and Networking. Invited keynote speaker is world reknowned
author and Marley lecturer Roger Steffens. Three nights of RAW members
artist showcase will be at the Fremont Street Reggae & Blues Club. For
more information on this once a year Networking opportunity that you
can't afford to miss contact the following. Rastaman Nane' at
702-256-4532 (phone/fax); e-mail <70431.615@CompuServe.com> or Papa
Pilgrim at 801-355-1405 (phone/fax); e-mail <pilgrim@xmission.com>.

RAW Mission Statement:
Reggae Ambassadors Worldwide is an international network of
Committed Reggae Enthusiasts who have joined forces to spread the positive
vibe of Reggae music. Daily we will move forward educating humankind
about our music, always remembering the vision of One Love!

RAW Vision: To be the primary reference for the Reggae Industry.

Annual membership fees range from $15 to $50 depending upon
membership category. Lastly, in conversations with Ambassadors from around
the world, I and others are beginning to sense that the growth potential
of Reggae Ambassadors Worldwide is limitless. We are growing because of
your efforts. Ambassadors are helping Amassadors!

If you want more information about Reggae Ambassadors Worldwide e-mail me
<pilgrim@xmission.com> your postal mail address.

Forwarding the Reggae Vibe...Everytime! ----papa pilgrim
reggae ambassadors worldwide
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