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4-22. Save me, save me!... (Bee Gees)


This article is from the Bee Gees FAQ, by David Garcia garc@compuserve.com with numerous contributions by others.

4-22. Save me, save me!... (Bee Gees)

...The Bee Gees are just another one of
my obsessions, but she says it's tearing my world apart, and if I
only had my mind on something else, I could dedicate my life to
something new. Where do I stand? I look like a happy man, but
how hopelessly I'm lost! I have just myself to blame, it seems.
Where do I go from here?

If I understand correctly, your question is, "how can I tell
if I'm overly obsessed with the music and the careers of the
brothers Gibb?" Well, over quoting of song lyrics is one sure
sign; e-mailing the FAQ Maintainer to check the sources of quotes
in the above question is yet another.

By way of reply, we have this helpful ten-point checklist,
provided by Diane Weidenkopf at her web-site:


Here is her list of signs to watch out for (or strive

Top 10 Warning Signs you are obsessed with The Bee Gees:

10. You have 100 video tapes and every one has some Bee Gees
related clip on them.

9. You seriously think of naming your first born Barry.

8. You are willing to rent "Grumpy Old Men" just for the
"Staying Alive" part.

7. You always check the Bee Gees section at the record
store, hoping against all hope there will be some unknown Bee
Gees album you missed.

6. You declare Sept. 1st and Dec. 22nd holidays, take off
from work and have a cake with the number of candles since the
first Australian record was released.

5. Your goal in life is to fill your 100 disc changer with
nothing but Bee Gees (and you feel inadequate because you only
have 32 discs).

4. You can find redeeming qualities in the Sgt. Pepper

3. You keep buying Bee Gees vinyl even though you no longer
own a turntable.

2. You find yourself defending your CD collection to people.
They just don't understand that you NEED that European import of
"One" (when you already have the U.S.version) because it has ONE

1. You break up with a boyfriend/girlfriend because he/she
tells you (the next day) that a TV show had a clip about the Bee
Gees yesterday and he/she thought about telling you but didn't
know if you'd be interested.

Thanks, Diane, for this remarkable insight. But I have to
admit, none of these seem like a problem to me! ;-)


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