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4-18. Where can I order a CD of...? (Bee Gees)


This article is from the Bee Gees FAQ, by David Garcia garc@compuserve.com with numerous contributions by others.

4-18. Where can I order a CD of...? (Bee Gees)

Fans have found various Bee Gees CDs (including imports and
rare items) at many of the following places. Please understand,
not all outlets carry all items, so compare and evaluate...)


Phongsak Suppattarachai of Thailand found "Living Eyes"
here, and says orders take about one month to deliver. Also,
Helio Takahashi mentions seeing the astonishingly rare "Runaway"
CD by Carola here at $19.75!


Park Duk-Hyeon recently found the new single "Alone" through
this service. The order arrived just a few days after the
single's release halfway around the world. Pretty fast delivery!
Doug Wilson also recently found his "Still Waters" CD here.



CDEurope has a nice database format for those who prefer
telnet to www; they also have their own BBS. Phongsak
Suppattarachai recently discovered "The Bunbury Tails" here!


Phongsak Suppattarachai says that he's seen the UK "Alone"
single here. Sounds worth checking out.

Tower Records: (800) ASK-TOWER

This number will give you the location of the Tower Records
store nearest you (based on your zip code). Personally, I wish
it would give the location of the LARGEST Tower Records store
nearest me -- that would be more useful. Thanks to Marty for
this number, and for the number of Tower Records' Kingston store
in London: 011 44 171 439 2500. I called them, and the clerk
cheerfully confirms that desperate Yanks can order their UK
singles and albums by phone. Thanks, Marty!

Take Notes Records: (800) 650-3472.

At Marty's suggestion, I gave them a call. It sounds like a
one- man operation, and at the time I called the one man was out
having lunch, but it does seem to at least be the right number.
Give it a try...

Golden Treasures: (501) 795-4209.

According to Kathy Gray, the "Birth of Brilliance" CD can be
found here for a mere $29. Mailing address:

Golden Treasures

PO Box 601

Bentonville AR 72712

HMV Records, Herald Square, NYC

Located on 34th and Broadway (across from Macy's). They
almost always seem to have a copy of the "Living Eyes" CD there
on the shelves, and it's a reasonably priced $28.99 for the
Japanese import. Last week they had four! Their collection of
imports is astonishing, and both Tom Fini and I are starting to
question the import manager's claims of impartiality toward the
Bee Gees. After all, who but a true fan would stock Japanese
mini-CDs of the "Melody Fair" Subaru commercial?

Virgin Megastore, 45th and Broadway, NYC

The place bears a striking resemblance to Pizza Planet in
the animated classic "Toy Story". Certainly NYC's REDDEST
neon-lit CD shop. An entire import section is down in the
basement. Pricier than HMV, but chances are if you can't find
something at HMV, you may quite possibly find it here. And
surely THAT'S good to know...

For those passing through Singapore (a major transit stop in
the Far East, and a pleasant one too!), Karen Liew suggests
making a stop at the following shops on Orchard Road, "the ONLY
place to shop in Singapore <that is, if you're a tourist>"...

Chua Joo Huat

14 Scotts Road #03-22

Far East Plaza

Singapore 228213

Tel.: (65) 7360621

Fax.: (65) 2351330

Disc Domain (branch of Chua Joo Huat)

6 Raffles Boulevard #03-134

Marina Square

Singapore 039594

Tel.: (65) 3343168

Fax.: (65) 3347134

Supreme Compact Disc

Far East Plaza

14 Scotts Road #03-14

Tel.: (65) 7325432

[most of the hard-to-find CDs and cassettes from the
1969-1973 period are here.]

Tower Records

Pacific Plaza

9 Scotts Road #04-00

[has the Warner catalog of CDs that are out of print in the
US -- both the European and US versions!]

Tel.: (65) 7353600, (65) 7353487

Fax: (65) 7348762

Thanks, Karen!


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