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3-01. What Bee Gees on-line resources are available? part4: Chat:


This article is from the Bee Gees FAQ, by David Garcia garc@compuserve.com with numerous contributions by others.

3-01. What Bee Gees on-line resources are available? part4: Chat:

For those who find internet chat to be even better when the
topic is the Bee Gees, consider the IRC channel #bee-gees where
Gibb fans meet on the XWorld server. Open for your chatting
pleasure on Sundays 7pm Eastern, Tuesdays and Thursdays 8pm
Eastern. (Note to those abroad: Eastern is the same as "New York
time," check your handy world clock. You DO have a handy world
clock, or course?)

Special thanks to chat operator Martha Irwin for this
helpful info, and for also suggesting that newbies in need of
killer chat apps consider mIRC shareware chat software, easily
obtained on-line by visiting www.mirc.co.uk.


In other words, AOL and Compu$erve. Please remember, you
have to JOIN THESE SERVICES to take advantage of their
propriatery resources. Unlike other internet thingies, you
can't just point to your web browser here and expect it to
suddenly cough up CompuServe fan club forums -- although it is
rumored that CompuServe may eventually make forums available to
non-subscribers on the internet as a pay-per-use feature...

America On-Line:

Well, alright, you've endured twenty-five consecutive busy
signals, modem initialization errors and cyber-bales of junk
e-mail and now you want to get up to speed on the Bee Gees. Just
pay a visit to the People Connection. In the "Arts and
Entertainment" area a Bee Gees channel is available for your
chat- room pleasure on Wednesday nights at 9:30 PM, Eastern
Standard Time (New York time).

Kathy Gray also urges me to "include information on the Bee
Gees bulletin boards available on AOL. To get there, use
Keyword: MMC (to get to the Music Message Center), then click on
'Artists A - F,' then click on 'Bee Gees.'" Thanks, Kathy!


Just use the CompuServe GO command to GO BEEGEES (WINCIM
users, click the stoplight icon and type BEEGEES in the dialog
box). This will place you in the Fan Club B forum, which has a
section dedicated to the Bee Gees, including a messages area and
file library. Among the items in the library are JPEGS and GIFS
of album covers and promotional photos. You can also find
several text files in the library, including a recent CompuServe
conference with John Merchant of Middle Ear studio.

In addition to the Fan Club forum, you can access other
CompuServe goodies to keep you informed on Bee Gee bulletins and
album info.

* GO POLYGRAM takes you to the Polygram CompuServe site, which
gives album release info. There was a nice site for the Bee
Gees under April releases, despite the fact that nothing was
released in April...

* GO ALLMUSIC takes you to the All-Music Guide, where you can
look up such things as the catalog numbers for albums of those
Latin pop duos that Barry keeps singing with (see FAQ part 2) and
all available covers of Gibb composition "Gilbert Green" (one, so

* CompuServe's Executive News Service enables you to get press
releases and other wire service articles selected for your
perusal. Follow the instructions in the Executive News Service,
and use as news search keywords BEE GEES, BARRY GIBB, ROBIN GIBB,
MAURICE GIBB and ANDY GIBB. If you like, you can also create a
second news folder with the keywords ROBERT STIGWOOD, POLYDOR,
Executive News Service carries with it per-minute charges IN
ADDITION TO CompuServe's usual exorbitant hourly rates. So read
the help file on charges and usage carefully, and for crying out
loud, DON'T GET UP FOR A CUP OF COFFEE while logged on to the
Executive News Service! You've been warned...


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