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11B.1 Jewelry In 316l/Lvm Steel Only

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This article is from the Piercing FAQ, by Anne Greenblatt with numerous contributions by others.

11B.1 Jewelry In 316l/Lvm Steel Only

BLACK DOG, PO Box 388, Barstow, California 92312 (760) 253-5003
http://www.bodyrings.com/ Jewelry in 316L stainless steel. Rings 18 -
14 gauge, barbells 14 - 12 gauge.

BODY STYLE COLLECTION, PO Box 119, P021 5YU, England +044 (0)1243
587880, fax +044 (0)1243 587880 http://kestrel.arunet.co.uk/bodystyle/
Manufacturer of jewelry in 316L tainless steel. Rings, screw in ball
rings, circular barbells, circular taper rings.

BRAVO, P.O. Box 76919, Tampa, Florida 33675-1919
(813) 621-4470, fax (813) 621-2446
8/98 Bravo has closed

DAS NOB, PO Box 391, Azusa, California 91702 Jewelry in stainless
steel (grade unspecified). Does not use Brown and Sharpe Gauges.

301, Dade City, Florida 33525-6665
(352) 583-4547
Jewelry in 316L stainless steel jewelry. Quantity wholesale only

HOX PIERCING JEWELRY, 114-7th Avenue, Lasalle, Quebec, Canada H8P 2L8
(514) 363-3529 http://www.ditton.net/hox/ hox@ditton.net hox@total.net
Maufacturer of jewelry in 316L stainless steel. Captive bead rings
(tapered ends), twist rings, plugs, septum jewelry, tapers. Wholesale
/ Retail

INCREDIBLE BODY JEWELLERY, PO Box 334, Caboolture, Queensland 4510,
Australia 074 983 983, mobile 018 888 248 Jewelry in stainless steel.
Retail Catalogue $3 Australian refundable with first order

K&K JEWELRY, PO Box 6680, Seffner, Florida 33584
(813) 620-0213, fax (813) 664-1577
Manufacturer of jewelry in 316L stainless steel, not annealed. Rings,
threaded jewelry (internally 12 gauge and larger, one end), plugs and

REVOLUTION BODY JEWELRY, 1770 36th Street Unit B, Sacramento,
California 95816 (916) 457-4282, fax (916) 457-7074
http://www.captivebead.com Manufacturer of jewelry in 316LVM
steel. Captive bead rings (18 - 4 gauge, steel beads), internally
threaded jewelry. Wholesale Only

[The 14ga samples I received are excellent - soft and flexible, round
ends, high-quality finish. I recently ordered rings in 14 - 6ga with
no complaints; the quality is consistent. Highly recommended! 6/96]

SILVER ANCHOR INC., PO Box 1097, Lacoochee, Forida 33537-1097
1-800-848-7464 or 1-800-TIT-RING fax (352) 583-3191
http://www.silveranchor.com/ titring@silveranchor.com Manufacturer of
jewelry in 316L stainless steel. Rings (hardened steel), threaded
jewelry (internally and externally), screw on ball rings, rings with
multiple balls, septum jewelry, tapers, Prince's Wands. Wholesale /
Retail Catalog $4.00

STIGMATA DESIGNS, VMPO Box 4692, Vancouver, BC V6B 4A1 Canada
1-888-STIGMATA, (604) 685-8922 http://web.radiant.net/stigmata/
stigmata@radiant.net Contact Neil and Stephen. Jewelry in 316L and
LVM stainless steel. Rings,internally threaded designs, septum
jewelry, nostril screws. Custom designs. Wholesale / Retail

[I received a large selection of jewelry samples - small 14ga oval
rings, triangle rings, septum spike and 8ga curl, 10ga barbell,
captive bar "D" ring. Only one ring had a tiny scratch.10ga bb one
ball machine-locked, very long internal threads which come to a point,
counter bored ball. The ends of the rings are consistently rounded
and well-shaped, steel beads standard with rings. I ordered a custom
10ga teardrop ring of very challenging small dimensions, perfectly
executed. 3/96]


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