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10D.3 Dolphin Piercing

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This article is from the Piercing FAQ, by Anne Greenblatt with numerous contributions by others.

10D.3 Dolphin Piercing

by E. George Oeser <synergy@nc5.infi.net> 02 Feb 1997

A few weeks ago you emailed me requesting an account of getting my
dolphin piercing for the faq, well, here it is.

To start at the begining I got a PA about 2 years ago. All was well
with the PA and I stretched up to 6ga and was pretty happy with it
over all. But about a year ago an idea popped into my head. WHat if a
second hole was made further down the shaft and the 2 holes joined by
one piece of jewelry? Well I posted to r.a.b. about it and found out
that it had been done and that it had a name, dolphin. While I was
happy to hear that it had been done before, I did wonder about the
people warning me about the possibilitiy of urinary tract
infections. These warnings however didn't scare me off and I asked my
piercer about doing the pierce. He seemed to have no interest in doing
it, but asked me what I had found out (we went thru the same thing
before he did my lateral ear lobe pierce) we talked about it and he
said he would have to think about it. The idea of this pierce basicly
left me for a while, but one day I decided that it had been too long
since I had gotten a new hole and I called my piercer. He said he was
willing to do it and so we set up a time. I went to the shop a few
days later with a freind and a video camera (hey, if I ever adopt a
grandkid) and got ready for the pierce. I had marked the spot for the
piercing earlier (figured it would be good to mark it when erect) and
so the piercer (Ian Bishop at Lone Wolf Bodyart in Nashville) got
everything ready and went to work. The pierce was performed just like
a PA except deeper and went off with out a hitch. We wondered how the
jewelry insertion would go since he had to manuver the 10ga 1/2" ring
thru 2 holes, but it was very simple. The bead was inserted and I was
on my way home. When I got home I found that I had been doing quite a
bit of bleeding... a hell of a lot of bleeding, but this wasn't a
complete surprise. I will say that it did bleed quite a bit more than
my PA, but since this pierce went thru slightly more tissue I wasn't
too surprised by this. About 3 days later the bleeding stopped and all
seemed fine, for the moment at least. After about a wekk I began to
get a bit concerned as the pierce was still quite painful, and after 2
weeks I was getting really worried. I went back to the piercer and he
took a look at the pierce and noticed that the ring was a bit too wide
and seemed to be moving the original PA hole forward, not to mention
that I noticed anytime there was pressure on the ring from my clothing
I was put through some pain that is almost unbelievable. We finnaly
got a curved barbell that would fit the pierce and installed it and
from that point there have been no problems at all. So what is having
a dolphin like? in a word, wonderful. It is like having a PA without
any of the problems, no more problems with urination, and no painful
twisting of the ring in my sleep which I sometimes experienced with
the PA, as far as sex goes, it is just as good if not better, it
really feels like there is a lot more metal in my ureathra although
I'm not sure if the actual amount is any greater. The only problem I
can see is that I can no longer hang 3lb weights off my penis to
impress my friends :) All in all, it looks great, it feels great, and
I no longer piss on my feet... I think I like it.


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