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10D.1 Inner Labia Piercing

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This article is from the Piercing FAQ, by Anne Greenblatt with numerous contributions by others.

10D.1 Inner Labia Piercing

by Laura Bryannan <laura@isp.nwu.edu>

I'd been itching to get a below-the-neck pierce for *ages* and finally
decided to get my inner labia pierced. I have one 10g ring that goes
through both labia, just underneath my clit (you can see a picture of
the type of pierce I got in BME). I decided on this particular pierce
for sexual aid reasons. The underside of my clit is *so* sensitive,
any time a tongue, finger or pubes scrapes along there it borders on
pain unless I'm totally aroused. After twenty years of this I decided
to do something about it!

It seemed to me that my clit hood could be treated just like any other
hood, with the ring essentially "tying" it underneath my clit to
prevent access from underneath. I discussed this theory with my
piercer (Bliss, a very helpful and knowledgeable woman here in
Chicago) and she agreed--I had enough inner labia to hold a ring (not
all women do). We spent some time discussing the placement; I didn't
want the ring so close to my clit that it would rub against it, or so
far away to not perform it's purpose.

I had been hoping that the ordeal could be done with one pierce
through both labia at the same time, but Bliss disagreed. She decided
that healing would be facilitated with two pierces and two rings for
the initial healing process. This was a bit of a scare for me, but I
demurred to her judgement, even though I was afraid I'd get through
the first pierce and then tell her, "Forget it!" Bliss took her time
making sure everything was just right, placement-wise, and then we
were ready. The clamp went on and I was instructed to breathe slowly
and deeply. The first pierce happened so quickly I was surprised and
amazed how little it hurt--one sharp pain and then it was over--I
didn't even feel the ring going in. The second pierce hurt a little
more (probably because I knew what to expect at that point) but still
no more than my ear cartiledge pierces - definitely not enough to have
waited as long as I did to get it done!

So, there I was with two 10g 1/2" rings in my privates! They bled for
a day or so, and I'll admit I was a bit squicky about them that first
night when they were the most ouchy, but the healing process went much
faster than I could ever have imagined--no pain after two days!
Thanks to a tip I read in rec.arts.bodyart, I was ready for my first
cleaning with a small jar that I filled with warm water and simply
held to the area to loosen the crusties and blood that had accumulated
on the rings. This technique worked like a champ! Bliss recommended
using Summer's Eve Feminine Wash as a cleansing agent as I'm allergic
to Betadine-type solutions, and this worked just fine for me. I
washed diligently twice a day and didn't have one problem
infection-wise. I switched myself over from two rings to one sooner
than Bliss preferred--after two weeks--but I had no problems there
either, only pleasure.

The pierce looks great and feels wonderful--I couldn't keep my hands
out of my pants for over a month! It will be a great help for
clueless lovers as it stimulates my entire clitoral area as a unit; I
figure it can also serve as a road sign "Clit this way -->" (above the
ring, folks!) If this is a pierce you're considering, I'd definitely
say "Go for it!" You won't regret it!

1996 update: I've stretched this pierce and now wear an 8g 1/2" ring
there. I've also added a 10g 7/16" horizontal clit hood pierce to the
constellation. Between the two rings, my sex life has been *greatly*
enhanced (yes, I've tried them out in real life at this point!) Not
all women find their orgasmic ability increased this way, but I was
one of the lucky ones, I guess. My lover thinks they're wonderful as
well--he loves how they look and he finds they make even easier to
turn me on than it was before! Again, I say, "Go for it gals!"


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