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1.3 Table of Contents of the rec.arts.bodyart Piercing FAQ:

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This article is from the Piercing FAQ, by Anne Greenblatt with numerous contributions by others.

1.3 Table of Contents of the rec.arts.bodyart Piercing FAQ:

1 Introduction

2A Jewelry Materials
2A.1 Metals
2A.1a Report on Stainless Steel by Sean Christian
2A.2 Non Metal Materials
2A.2a Report on FDA Approved Acrylic by Michael Hare
2A.3 Organic Materials
2A.3a Hardwoods
2A.3b Bamboo
2A.3c Ivory, Horn, Antler

2B Jewelry Sizes & Designs
2B.1 Jewelry Sizes
2B.1a Gauges And Equivalents
2B.2 Jewelry Designs
2B.2a Basic Designs
2B.2b Piercing-Specific Designs

2C Facial Piercings & Their Suggested Jewelry
2C.1 Facial Piercings
2C.2 Oral Piercings

2D Body Piercings & Their Suggested Jewelry
2D.1 Navel Piercings
2D.1a "The Navel Piercing - A Better Alternative"
2D.1b "Angled Navel Piercings"
2D.2 Nipple Piercings
2D.2a Female Nipple Piercings
2D.2b Male Nipple Piercings
2D.2c Nipple Piercings and Breast Feeding
2D.3 Surface & Unusual Piercings

2E Genital Piercings & Their Suggested Jewelry
2E.1 Female Genital Piercings
2E.2 Male Genital Piercings
2E.3 Genital Piercings and Sexual Activity
2E.4 Genital Piercings and Pregnancy

3 Getting A New Piercing
3.1 What to Look for in a Piercer
3.2 Assessing Anatomy and Selecting Jewelry
3.3 Piercing Needle or Gun?
3.4 Basic Piercing Procedure
3.5 Methods of Disinfection and Sterilization
3.6 Anesthetics
3.7 Are You Under 18?
3.8 Does It Hurt?
3.9 Making Your Experience More Comfortable
3.10 Piercing Kits and Doing It Yourself

4A Professional Organizations, Piercing Instruction
4A.1 Professional Organizations
4A.2 Piercing Instruction

4B Professional Piercers - United States - Alabama - California

4C Professional Piercers - United States - Colorado - Iowa

4D Professional Piercers - United States - Kansas - Nevada

4E Professional Piercers - United States - New Hampshire - North Dakota

4F Professional Piercers - United States - Ohio - Pennsylvania

4G Professional Piercers - United States - Rhode Island - Wyoming

4H Professional Piercers - Canada

4I Professional Piercers - Beyond N. America

4J Professional Piercers - Beyond N. America Cont'd

5 Care Of New Piercings
5.1 Skin Cleansers, Wound Cleansers and Soaps
5.2 Antiseptic Products
5.3 Other Products
5.4 Products to Avoid
5.5 Essential Oils
5.6 Aftercare for Facial Piercings
5.7 Aftercare for Oral Piercings
5.8 Aftercare for Body Piercings
5.9 Aftercare for Genital Piercings
5.10 Herbal Hot Compress Recipe

6 The Healing Process & Healing Problems
6.1 The Healing Process
6.2 Abandoning a Piercing
6.2a Reopening or Repiercing an Abandoned Piercing
6.2 Healing Problems
6.2a Dry Skin
6.2b Prolonged Healing
6.2c Follicular Cysts
6.2d Infections
6.2e Hypergranulation
6.4 Scars
6.6 Piercing Migration and Rejection
6.7 Metal Sensitivities

7 Healed Piercings
7.1 Changing Jewelry
7.2 Stretching Piercings
7.3 Bondage Play
7.4 Hiding Percings
7.5 Retaining Piercings During Surgery
7.6 Piercings and Common Medical Procedures
7.7 Body Jewelry and Metal Detectors
7.8 Piercings and Employment

8 Historical Information
8.1 History Of The Nipple Piercing
8.1a "History of the Nipple Piercing"
8.1b "Titrings, A Bit of History"
8.2 The Apadravya in the Kama Sutra
8.3 History of Late 20th C. Piercing and Why?

9A Resource List
9A.1 Books and Magazines
9A.2 Calendars and Posters

9B Resource List Cont'd
9B.1 Videos
9B.2 Online Sites
9B.2a Chat Rooms and Online Clubs
9B.3 Software and CDs
9B.4 Places of Interest

10A Personal Experiences - Facial & Unisex Piercings
10A.1 Tongue Pierce
10A.2 Labret Piercing
10A.3 Hand Web Piercing
10A.4 Eyelet Piercings
10A.5 Nipple Piercing - Male
10A.6 Niehbuhr, or Erle
10A.7 Piercing Inverted Nipples (Male)

10B Personal Experiences - Genital Piercings
10B.1 Triangle Piercing
10B.2 Vertical Clitoral Hood Piercing
10B.3 Ampallang Piercing #1
10B.4 Foreskin & Septum Piercings
10B.5 Frenum Placement with Intact Foreskin
10B.6 Ampallang Piercing #2

10C Personal Experiences - Genital Piercings Cont'd
10C.1 Reverse Prince Albert
10C.2 Apadravya
10C.3 Bead Implants
10C.4 Prince Albert with Intact Foreskin
10C.5 Camilla's Custom Nipple Studs

10D Personal Experiences - Genital Piercings Cont'd
10D.1 Inner Labia
10D.2 Fourchette Piercing
10D.3 Dolphin Piercing
10D.4 Childbirth with Clitoral Hood Piercing

11A Jewelry Manufacturers
11A.1 Jewelry in All Metals & Materials
11A.2 Distributors of Jewelry in All Metals & Materials

11B Jewelry Manufacturers Cont'd
11B.1 Jewelry in 316L/LVM Steel Only
11B.2 Jewelry in Other Steel Grades
11B.3 Jewelry in Niobium / Titanium Only
11B.4 Jewelry in Gold / Platinum Only
11B.5 Jewelry in Acrylic Only
11B.6 Jewelry in Glass Only
11B.7 Jewelry in Organic Materials
11B.8 Accessories for Healed Piercings

11C Jewelry Manufacturers Cont'd
11C.1 Piercing Supplies / Needles
11C.2 Jewelry Manufacturing Suppliers
11C.3 Medical Suppliers / Sterilization Services
11C.4 Insurance Brokers


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