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6.1 Computer Software (Isaac Asimov)


This article is from the Isaac Asimov FAQ, by Edward J. Seiler ejseiler@earthlink.net and John H. Jenkins jenkins@mac.com with numerous contributions by others.

6.1 Computer Software (Isaac Asimov)

The Complete Stories Volume 1, a Voyager Expanded Book, The Voyager
Company, Santa Monica, Ca., 1992, one 1.4 MB high density floppy.
Available for Macintosh and Windows. Macintosh version requires at least
system 6.0.7 and hard drive with 2.2 MB available.
The entire text of the book, including features allowing the reader to
search for every occurrence of any word, add margin comments and end
notes, highlight text, mark pages and leave bookmarks.

The Complete Stories Volume 2, A Voyager Expanded Book, The Voyager
Company, Santa Monica, Ca., 1992.
Same description as volume 1, except only available for the Macintosh.

Isaac Asimov Science Adventure II , Knowledge Adventure. Available for
DOS computers.
A virtual science museum with over 150 rooms, with over 1000
illustrated, interactive, and interlinked articles by Isaac Asimov,
adapted from Isaac Asimov's Chronology of Science and Discovery .

Isaac Asimov's Kayleth , (only released in the U.K.). Available for the
Commodore 64.
A graphic adventure with a robot storyline which is not in the least
integrated into the universe of the novels.

Isaac Asimov's The Ultimate Robot, Byron Preiss Multimedia, Microsoft
Home, CD-ROM. Available for Macintosh, requires Mac II or better, 13 in.
color monitor, System 7.0 or later, 5 MB memory, CD-ROM drive. Available
for Multimedia PC, requires a Multimedia PC or compatible, with 386SX or
higher microprocessor, 4 MB of RAM, 1-3 MB of available hard disk space,
CD-ROM drive, MPC-1 Compatible sound card, and VGA+ graphics (640x480x256
colors), MS-DOS 3.1 or later, MS Windows 3.1 or later.

Contains the text of all of Asimov's major stories and essays about
robots; illustrations of Asimov's robots by Ralph McQuarrie (production
designer of Star Wars); an interactive robot toolkit for building animated
robots; photos of many Asimov book covers; a collection of photos of
Asimov in various settings; Quicktime movies of Asimov interviews and some
of his television appearances, Quicktime clips from several motion
pictures featuring robots, including Star Wars , 2001: A Space Odyssey ,
and Forbidden Planet ; videos of real robots used in space, undersea,
offices, and labs; an animated handbook on robot movement; and a timeline
of robotic history.

The Robots of Dawn , Epyx. Available for the Commodore 64.
A text adventure released in 1986 which is well integrated into the
world of the novels.

Ask Isaac Asimov About Space , Enteractive, CD-ROM. Available for
Macintosh and Windows. Macintosh version requires Macintosh LCIII or
better, 640x480 color monitor, System 7.1 or later, 8 MB RAM, 3MB hard
disk space, double-speed CD-ROM drive.
A science education CD-ROM based on the "Ask Isaac Asimov" series
published by Gareth Stevens Inc. It features Asimov (actually, an actor
portraying Asimov) appearing as a "holographic guide" in the Imperial
Library on Trantor, guiding the visitor to five different Experimental
Worlds, where Asimov engages in conversations with some of the great
astronomers of history. A "hands-on learning adventure", each
Experimental World includes an interactive experiment that teaches a
principle of science. Includes glossaries, indexes, and the complete text
from five books of the Gareth Stevens "Ask Isaac Asimov" series:
Why Do We Have Different Seasons?
What Is a Shooting Star?
Why Does the Moon Change Shape?
What Is an Eclipse?
Why Do Stars Twinkle?

Isaac Asimov's Library of the Universe , Zane Publishing, 7 CD-ROM set.
Compatible with both Macintosh and Windows. Macintosh requires 68030 or
better, color monitor, system 7.0 or later, 8 MB memory, CD-ROM drive.
Windows requires 386/33 or higher microprocessor, VGA or better color
monitor, MS Windows 3.1 or later, 4 MB memory, CD ROM drive; mouse and
sound card recommended. Based on the Gareth Stevens series "Isaac
Asimov's Library of the Universe", and contains more than 2,400 images,
255 minutes of feature presentations, questions and answers, interactive
quizzes, customized glossaries, free Webster's New World Dictionary, and
free American Concise Encyclopedia.

Consists of 7 CD-ROMS, corresponding to Gareth Stevens titles as follows:

The Solar System
Our Solar System
The Sun
Comets and Meteors
The Asteroids
The Inner Planets
Mercury: The Quick Planet
Venus: A Shrouded Mystery
Earth: Our Home Base
The Earth's Moon
Mars: Our Mysterious Neighbor
The Outer Planets
Jupiter: The Spotted Giant
Saturn: The Ringed Beauty
Uranus: The Sideways Planet
Neptune: The Farthest Giant
Pluto: A Double Planet?
The Universe
How Was the Universe Born?
Our Milky Way and Other Galaxies
The Birth and Death of Stars
Quasars, Pulsars, and Black Holes
Ancient Astronomy
Mythology and the Universe
Astronomy Today
The Space Spotter's Guide
Space Exploration
Rockets, Probes, and Satellites
Piloted Space Flights
Colonizing the Planets and Stars
Space Garbage
Space Speculation
Did Comets Kill the Dinosaurs?
Science Fiction, Science Fact
Is Their Life on Other Planets?
Unidentified Flying Objects

Robot City , Byron Preiss Multimedia, CD-ROM. Available for Macintosh
and Windows.
An adventure game based on Isaac Asimov's Robot City, in which the
player is the prime suspect when a human robotics expert has been murdered
once a secret experiment has gone wrong. The player must elude hunter
robots in a chase through a 3-D environment.


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