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10C.5 Camilla's Custom Nipple Studs

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This article is from the Piercing FAQ, by Anne Greenblatt with numerous contributions by others.

10C.5 Camilla's Custom Nipple Studs

by Camilla Calberg <camc@ki.ericsson.se>

Guess what I'm sporting in my nipples... A couple of earstuds mounted
in a somewhat intricate way!

I dont know if some of you remember, but some time ago I wrote to this
newsgroup and asked about special frontal Nipple piercings so that I
wold be able to wear special * Nipple studs *, my own name for them ,
straight in from the front of the nipple.

I have a pair of 0.24" gold beads sitting on/through the front surface
of my nipples tips, and they are doing a good job decorating their
position. I'm very pleased with the look :-)

Here are a couple of ascii drawings of how my nipples look:

Top view:

               _W_ stud
              | |
             0| |O barbell
           --- ---- areola

I have the "normal" horizontal piercing through my nipples, plus one
extra coming in from the front that connects to the horizontal
piercing channel. This means that I have a T shaped hole inside my
nipples. I am wearing a 10ga barbell through thease piercings and
they are well healed.

The comments I've received are: encouraging whistlings from the boys
[some of my female friends must have gossiped :-) ] I have allowed
some of them to have a look also and they made big eyes and almost
dribbled and said WOW HOW SEXY!

The girls have looked enviously at me and said Didn't that Hurt very
much? How brave of you! They look very sexy! How pretty your
nipples look! They do look very cute! I must know how you did it,
because I also want to wear such jewllery!

This is how the jewllery are made:

It consists of two parts the regular "ear stud" plus an adaptor that
screws into the horizontal barbell.

For healing and technical reasons the smallest gauge that is
recommended to use is 14g,so that is what we chose. If the piercing
is made with a smaller gauge it doesn't tend to heal too well and
would be difficult to find when changing the jewellery.

The bar coming forward out of the centre of the nipple will be 14g
screwed into the horizontal barbell at one end. the bar itself is a
hollow tube for most of its length (except the threaded bit). The
hollow tube is thinner at the inner end that have the threads, like

   Drilled hole here ----> 0 | This end threaded ~1.0 mm

And of cource there is no abrupt changes in diameter it changes
smoothly! Into the adaptor can be inserted any ear stud from the high

This is how he made the piercings:

First of all sterilizing all jewlerry parts in an autoclave. The
modified barbells with threaded holes in the middle, stud holders and
the gold bead studs.

Then I got a good cleaning of my nips. Then we spent a good time
measuring out the center of my nips and trying to get them
symmetrically placed. And finally marking the exit holes. After that
I got some mild numbing agent dabbed on my nipples.

He used a Cannular Needle, this has a plastic sleeve around the
needle. First he removed one ball from the barbell and then withdrew
the needle into the plastic sleeve. Then put the sleeve over the

Now comes the trick:

Pull/push the sleeve into the very centre of the nipple, (measure
carefully). Hold the Sleeve steady and pull the barbell off the end.
Now the sleve should be exactly alligned with the marking on the
nipple tip. Gently tilt the nipple sideways and Push the needle
forward and out of the centre of the nipple, including the sleeve.
This means that the needle pierces from inside and out.

At this point we had a rest and I was beginning to se how everything
would turn out.

He then removed the needle leaving the sleeve behind. And inserted
the stud holder bar threaded end first into the sleeve pulled the
sleeve out and the bar into the new hole. Next step was to gently
loosen the sleeve and insert the threaded barbell,while holding the
stud adaptor. Now he screw the new bar into the barbell and the
reamaing ball on the barbell.

The new stud holding adaptors are made too long by 2/3 mm = 0.026" for
a while until it heals to adapt for swelling and to give something to
hold onto for insertion.

I had a chance to take a good look now and I could see the adaptors
sticking out as little as they should. My nipples looked a bit sore
but otherwise everything looked OK. Finally he swabbed me with a
cleaning agent and popped in the gold bead studs.

My breasts looked absolutely marvellous with thease golden studs
sitting in the nipple tips. By this time my head was spinning and I
was bubbling of Joy! The studs sit a tiny bit in front of the skin
during the healing time, but later on I will have the adaptors
shortened so that the jewlerry settles in my nipple tissue, just
slightly pushing the skin down.

My boyfriend was with me during the whole "operation",and that was a
relief. Afterwards he took me to a faboulus restaurant and I felt
like I was walking on clouds.

I had a dull ache for some days after and I could not sleep on my
tummy I had to use a couple of paper towels shaped as doughnuts round
the nipples in order to release them from pressure but now it has

The cleaning and care of the piercings is almost as with every other
piercing the only differences are that I can't work as easily from
both sides of the holes. I apply the fluid on my nipples and adaptors
and slightly loosen the adaptor in order to work the fluid in the
holes by rotating the adaptor. I have found that a tiny syringe with
a blunt tip is ideal for rincing from behind. Just put the syringe
"tube" in one of the barbell holes and gently squeeze till the fluid
comesquirting out through the front hole.

And my loved one has bought the promized set of Qubic zirconium studs
so I can hardly wait until the healing weeks till I can try them out.
They are a bit larger than the gold studs and I don't want to screw up
anything so I'll be patient!

I will almost never need to remove the adaptors - I can just switch
the fancy part. I like to change my earrings and nose studs rather
frequently, so I am very glad that I will be able to do so with my
nipple studs also.

I will be able to use what ever "Ear-" or in this case "Nipple-stud" I
want. It combines the good parts of ear studs and body jewllery.
It's very easy to switch the fancy part + you get the stimulation from
the jewllery and you are still playing it safe!

My nipples has become a bit more sensitive now than before but not so
much that it bothers me. I had to use a couple of paper towels shaped
as doughnuts round the nipples the first days in order to release them
from pressure. Now I think it's quite nice to get stimulated when the
blouse moves during the daily duties.


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