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The Ultimate Learn And Resource Center

Resources on Personal Computers, WebMasters, Operating Systems and Security, Recreation, Health, Food, Music, Sports, Pets, Travel, Vehicles, Crafts, Games, etc. Started back in 1999, it's now linked to from thousands of websites worldwide.

-WebMastering & Other Programming
Various information about developing websites, and programming languages like java, javascript, perl, etc.
-Operating Systems
Information about Linux, Unix and Windows
-Macintosh Operating Systems
Information about Macintosh and other Apple Operating Systems
-Personal Computers (PCs) info
Articles about PC components and hardware, assembly, PC tuning and performance, software and drivers, help and other related information.
A collection of FAQs related to networking.
A collection of FAQs related to software industry and the art of programming
Computer Security-oriented articles
-Other useful things
-Special links
Recreation and leasure time-related materials
-Animals FAQs
A collection of FAQs related to animals, pets and their owners.
-Information for Cat Owners and wannabes
Various articles and faqs about cats and their owners
-Information for Dog Owners
Various articles and faqs about dogs and their owners
-Aquaria FAQs
A collection of FAQs related to Aquaria and Reefkeepers
-Health and Body Pampering
A collection of FAQs and articles related to health, alternative medicine, body pampering, etc.
-Children and Parents FAQs
Everything you wanted to know about birth, children and parenting
A collection of FAQs related to mind, dreams, and other interesting mysteries
-New Age Topics
Covering New Age-related topics such as spirit, magick, chaos, alien visitors, paranormal, meditation, etc.
A collection of FAQs related to art, movies, etc.
-Body Arts
Body-art topics: tattoo and piercing
-Business Subjects
Various topics discussing business-related things.
-Sport-related FAQs
Frequently Asked Questions related to Sports
-Vehicle related FAQs
Car related articles (buying, maintenance, parts, manuals, questions and answers)
-Entertainment Articles
Entertainment-related resources
-Audio FAQs
Audio-related information, articles
-Books and Education
Discussions about books, literature and education
Discussions about education and schools
-Travel and Living around the Globe
Countries and culture related articles
-Finance Articles
Finance-related information
A collection of articles on topics of interest to investors.
-Indulgence Articles
Indulgence-related information
A collection of FAQs related to humour.
-Self Growth Topics
Various information aiding in self-improvement
Information about famous and infamous celebrities and supermodels
-Relationships and Sexuality FAQs
Relationships and Sexuality-related questions, answers and essays
-Game Articles
Various information about games
-Recipes and Food Articles
Recipes and things related to the art of food preparing
-Crafts-related Articles
Crafts-related information
-Physics FAQs
Various physics related information
-Science and Engineering
Science and Engineering FAQs
-Ideology Topics
FAQs about various ideologies
Discussions about the writing profession
Discussions about languages
-Philosophy Subjects
Philosophy topics
Religion-related information
-Society Articles
Society-related discussions
History Articles
-Music Genres
Articles about music styles and genres
-Music Bands and Artists
Articles about music, bands, musicians and artists
-Musical Instruments
Articles about musical instruments
Discussions about movies and cinema
-TV Shows
Discussions about popular TV programs and shows
Discussions about radio

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